Monday, October 8, 2018

Nude by Nature Case and Brush Review: One year on.

So earlier this year I did a little review over on my old blog on the gorgeous Nude By Nature brushes and makeup box and I wanted to do a little update. So last Christmas I was gifted this beautiful makeup carrier and brush set. I was instantly attracted to the kit for obvious reasons.

I was very keen to use the kit to see if it was technically amazing as well as visually amazing. I hadn't heard of the brand before but Nude By Nature is a makeup brand which sells a range of different products, brushes and equipment. This particular kit was purchased at Asos but is available from a few different retailers online.

You can probably tell by my images, that this kit is to die for. Visually it looks amazing and the quality is really there. A beautiful faux white leather outer skin with rose gold clasps and binders.My favourite aspect is the lock on top of the case allows me to travel with style and security. Inside is a gorgeous thin black suede material with multiple pull out spaces and draws. There is even straps to slide your brushes into the carrier without mingling them with the rest of your kit.

There are four pull out small compartment area draws and one large one, these can be lifted up to reveal a huge under area to store your larger and bulkier products. These compartments are so handy for keeping all your products separate, clean and in one place. I mainly use this around the house to keep my most used and every day items separated from my larger collection which is stored in a draw unit. This has also been perfect for travelling and when I go to stay at relatives houses. When travelling with a small child, like I do, you don't get much space for your own things. This case is so compact but can hold so much, perfect for all the things I need on my adventures.

Nude By Nature also have brushes within their larger product collections and these come with the case when purchasing, three fluffy brushes, a flat brush and eyeshadow brush. I initially didn't use these brushes for a few months after receiving them as I didn't want to ruin them, as they are pretty stunning.

I love how they match the casing. The gold binding from the case is replicated onto the brushes, making them look even more stunning than its matching case, (if that was possible).

But after finally using the brushes I am happy to announce they are fluffy, strong and apply makeup beautifully. Happily, they wash really well too. So they stay intact for a lot longer than expected. If anyone sees you with this kit, they are going to think you have spent loads on it, when you haven't. It's a great travel case and for keeping your makeup together in one place without the mess. I am hoping to purchase more Nude by Nature products soon, they are high quality both visually and performance.


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