Friday, October 5, 2018

Our First Family Holiday: Weekend away with a baby.

After four months of motherhood, living the same routine in the same place, day in day out, I was very eager to escape Birmingham and spend a little down time with my family. The first few months of being with Rupert has been amazing but as you can imagine, it has been really tough. A first time mom trying to get her head around the staggered sleep and feeds, I really wanted a change of scenery for a bit.

At the beginning of september we ventured to Cornwall with my partner, my baby and my partners parents. We escaped Birmingham for a total of five days which was just what I needed. The cottage was stunning and located right in the middle of the countryside and surrounded by gardens, fields and a lovely little green house and seating area.
The cottage itself was huge, like seriously massive. With Two master bedrooms, (including their own dressing rooms and en suites), A double bedroom and children's bunk beds room. A kitchen, dining room, living room, reading room, two bathrooms, laundry room and a cleaning room for pets. It also had its own hot tub, outdoor heated dining area and seated area over looking the gardens. Perfect for a family get away from the big city.

We arrived at the Old Larwarnick cottages at around 4pm on the friday afternoon and were keen to visit the local supermarket for food. The local shops were a 15 min drive out of the country. We didn't do much on the first day as we were all pretty tired from our 5 hour journey and spent most of the evening on the sofa and having an early night. Rupert was really good with the journey and we took lots of service breaks to ensure he wasn't in the car seat for too long. 

Our second day started with a cute little walk around the gardens. Harry, Rupert and I decided that we wanted to have a better look around the gardens, paired with an attempt to get Ru to sleep in the pram (didn't work, he wanted to stay awake). 

The gardens were do beautiful and we even bumped into a few other holiday makers whom we said hello to. This doesn't sound like much, but in Birmingham it is very rare that anyone even talks to each other. 
We then decided to go out for the day to the local beach. I was so excited for this because Rupert had never been to a beach before and this was another first I was so happy to finally be experiencing with him. He wasn't as excited as I was, because he wasn't really aware of what was happening. 

After our little adventure at the beach, which included me walking through the rocks and my partner telling me to be careful every five seconds. We then visited the local seaside town of Polperro 
for a spot of late lunch. It was a gorgeous little village full of beautiful walkways, unique shops and lots of bakeries selling the most amazing food. Such a different world to the everyday that I am used to.

Day three we were accompanied by my partners brother and his family, which was lovely. The cottage was now full and Rupert was no longer the only baby with his baby cousin joining him. The cottage was so big though you didn't even notice that there was eight people living there. Rupert was loving having his family around him and it was great for us because we were never short of hands to help us when we needed help with him. 

Again we decided to escape the cottage and go to a local town to explore. This time we went to the seaside village of Looe, which was just as beautiful as the town before. It was much much warmer on this day which we really weren't experiencing. 

Of course we had to indulge ourselves in ice cream on the trip, which was incredible. Looe was so beautiful, the kind of place you imagine retiring to when you're old. We had a lovely lunch in a local restaurant (which I picked at the menu because I don't like sea food which was everywhere lol).But regardless the food and company were nice.

Honestly, the best part about the holiday was just being able to relax. Every evening when we went back to the cottage we would sit outside and play board games and just chill, Which I don't really get to do much. 

I honestly just loved being able to spend some quality time out of the house with my little boy and my partner. It can get so difficult being a first time mom when you don't get to leave the house much, because all the days just drag into one. The holiday allowed me to step back and see just how lucky I am and how happy I am. That evening after the board games I was able to spend some quality time with my boys, eating doughnuts from the trip and having lots of cuddles whilst over looking the fields. 

Our final full day we decided to go out again to another town, this time we went to Fowey. This had to be my favourite of all the places we had been. It had a beautiful beach with countless boats, a church, the nicest little shops and the most amazing food (which wasn't sea food too so I could eat yay). Rupert really liked this one, I think, as he wouldn't go to sleep at all. The streets were full of pastel painted shops and Cornish bakeries. We even stopped to buy sweets from a little old fashioned shop.

The next day was filled with frantically packing our bags and wondering why we suddenly couldn't fit everything into our bags and travelling all the way back to Birmingham. 

I was so worried before our trip that Rupert wouldn't like the travelling, that he wouldn't adjust to being in such a different location, that he would hate his routine being up in the air. But honestly he was amazing. He loved being outside in the country, he was happy and his routine stayed pretty much the same. He was such a good baby and it has given me such piece of mind for our future travels.

This break was so incredibly needed and has encouraged my partner and I to try and explore more. It's mad how one little trip can change you mentally for the better. I am so lucky that I can travel to these amazing places and spend time with my family. 


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