Monday, October 29, 2018

Why I love being a Young Mom.

There is always this common misconception that if you have a baby when you're young, you are going to miss out on life. You'll never be free again to do what you want and live your life to its fullest. But even if that's true? What's so bad about that?

I mean it isn't true at all, but who's to say that having children young stunts what adventures you'll go on or the things you'll get to experience.

I always wanted children young. It's not for everyone, but it is for me. I've had people comment that they can't believe I have a baby, at this age. But I can't imagine not having a baby. If I hadn't have gotten pregnant when I did, I would have wanted one within three years anyway.

When I found out I was having Rupert I knew I wasn't ready, but who is eh? I didn't have a steady career behind me or a mortgage, I just had my partner and myself. I look back on it now and look at the situation I am in as a young mom and I'm thrilled that I started my family young like I always wanted.

I don't think there is ever a right time to have a baby, If I waited for the mortgage and career I wouldn't have my young family. One or the other, I chose what was right for me.


Reason One of why I love being a young Mom: I grew up in a young family. Heck, my family currently has five living generations. My Great Nan (95), all the way down to my boy, (6 months). We're a family of young parents, I think that's what drove me to wanting the same.

I see my parents being able to run around and play with their grand children the way they did with us as children, which fills me with joy. Something I'd love to be able to do one day.

Deciding when to have a baby, or have one at all is a huge decision. I guess that all depends on you and what you want to do with your life at this point in time. My life was never destined for partying and solo trips around Asia. I got all my fun out at uni and really wanted the serious stuff to start.

A lot of people my age are still figuring things out, I am too trust me. I have friends with kids, starting their own businesses, doing party season in Ibiza and doing their masters at university. 

Reason Two: I've always been one for irrational fears too. At the age of 20 I was convinced I couldn't even have children. I'd had no tests or symptoms to confirm my fears, but I was adamant that I was headed for the life of a barren Bridget Jones who owned six dogs and weighed a ten hundred pounds, headlining my own show on Channel 5.

Having children young gave me a peace of mind that I would have a family and my dreams of being a mom would be filled. The longer I waited to have children, the bigger the fear got. 

Reason Three: I never wanted a huge gap between myself and my kids. I feel like a lot can happen in thirty years and trying to talk to a teenager when I am in my 50's would have been like talking to an alien. In the hopes that this doesn't sound too old 'I want to relate to my children'.

Reason Four: I've always wanted to travel, I've always wanted to see the world. As a kid we didn't travel a lot, holidays were always to the same family favourites. I used to dream as a child of taking my family around the world. Having mine start earlier means we have more then enough time. 

I never got to go DisneyLand as a child, no matter how much I begged and hinted, so I want to be able to take my family. Live through my kids I guess. Is that sad?

Most people my age want to travel before they settle down, whereas I am quite the opposite. 

Reason Five: At 22 I still don't know a lot, I'm still learning. Having a child has made me discover myself in a whole new way. I am this person I never knew I was before having Ru. I guess I'm 'discovering myself' in a different way to those exploring the planet. 

We're a team, Ru and I, we're on this adventure together. 

and I guess being a young mom makes me a cool mom? Well, I hope so.


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