Sunday, November 4, 2018

Autumn Beauty Essentials

To be quite frank, my beauty regime has gone significantly downhill since I had a baby. Mainly because I don't have time to sit and contour my face or use copious amounts of products. My routine is now a lot more simple and refined and with it being autumn I need products that aren't going to battle with the dry skin the cold brings.

These products aren't everything I use on a daily basis because I do try and mix it up depending on where my day is taking me. These are concrete favourites that tend to reoccur every single time I decide to put a nice face on.

My routine, as I said, has changed a lot since before Ru. I used a lot more expensive brands back then and used many more products. So if you're into quick, reliable and cheap products these are for you.

I must state that most of the products I used to use I still use or own just not everyday. Frankly, babies are expensive so I can't afford to keep buying them and I don't have the time to use so many products on a daily basis. These products work just as well.

I find matte products the easiest thing being a parent, I don't have to constantly reapply every few hours and feel as if I can get ready in the morning and leave my face alone all day. But how difficult is a good matte product to find? it either cracks, dries up your lips or makes little balls in the middle of your mouth after you lick your lips when eating or drinking. Lottie London and the Matte Me range from Sleek makeup really do the job. Rimmel's Stay Matte range is also amazing but my current colour collection screams summer. All ranges allow me to to apply my lipstick and leave it alone. Really practical.

If Laura Mercier's setting powder didn't make it into this post then I would be lying. This pot has lasted me over a year and a half with almost every day use. In the colder months us girls need a powder that keeps our makeup on without drying out our skin even more than it already is. This powder does exactly that, plus is doesn't make your face go extremely pale.

When I'm not using my Estee Lauder Double Wear (cool bone), I use this incredible foundation by Bourjous Paris. On a daily basis, if I'm even wearing makeup, I tend to reach for this because it's a lighter coverage and fit for my skin. It gives me that natural glow and look. Double Wear is full coverage and tend to save that for occasions when I want a more glam look.

This foundation lasts a very long time and works for me now that I'm a full time mom who rushes everywhere and has no time.

I find that in the colder months my skin dries out and my 'sweat glow' from summer disappears. So I need a highlighter that is going to give me a natural look with minimal effort. The Anastasia Beverly Hills Bronzed Glow palette does just that. You can probably see that white sand is my favourite, but that's because it really fits my skin tone. The other shades are great for eye looks, special effects and for when you're more tanned than usual. 

It applies really well and makes you look as if you're naturally that glowy. Which is the goal right?

Really wanted to include a fragrance here because autumn is the time of year I start lighting candles and spraying my home and body with more adventurous scents. This one from Zoella is beautiful, especially for this time of year. 

I'm not really a perfume kinda girl, so scents like this are perfect for me. I love The Body Shops mango body spray and use it all through spring and summer. 

I love this spray in particular because its for around the home and sticks around for a long time, it also perfectly matches the other festive smells that I use at this time of year. It's lovely for spraying your clothes too for an extra sprinkle of autumn. 

What's your beauty favourite for this time of year?


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