Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Things I wish I'd done Differently as a first time Mom.

There is no preparing you for your first baby, You take on board the advice passed down for you and hope for the best. You're both hopefully that your instincts will always be right and petrified that you'll somehow mess everything up.


The first few weeks of being a mom was spoiled because I couldn't breastfeed and I was convinced I was a bad mom for not being able to do so. It just didn't work for us. But all trust in myself as a mother went out of the window and it took a long time for me to build up any confidence in my instincts again.

During pregnancy I was convinced breastfeeding was the only way and it would work for us. But it didn't and I wish I would have prepared myself for it not to work. I would have persisted with pumping if I wasn't so underprepared.

Spend less on clothes

During the first few months babies go through clothes at such a fast rate they barely wear anything. But for us it was even worse than that. Ru was a big baby when he was born and pretty much immediately skipped the newborn clothes stage. He was born on the first day of a four month long heatwave and was pretty much naked the entire time.

Although we had a lot of second hand clothing and stuff bought for us, I did spend a lot of money buying outfits that he never got to wear.

Research co-sleeping

I was so adamant that we weren't going to co-sleep, Our little one would be in his own bed and sleep routines would be solidified very early on.

I almost laugh at the fact I thought this would happen.

I'm happy and content with co-sleeping because it works for Ru and our family, I just wish I had researched it a lot earlier. Invested in a bigger bed too probably would have helped.

Take a break

Four days after having Ru I put a full face of makeup on, got back into my pre pregnancy mom jeans and went outside for a long walk around the park. About ten minutes in I instantly regretted the decision, mainly because my unhealed vagina was clearly not ready for that much movement.

Pretty much straight away I wanted to get back into Youtube, blogging and posting on my socials.

I never took the break I needed to recuperate and take in what was happening around me.

Spent Less on Myself

I was so happy to no longer be pregnant and be able to get right back into normal clothes that I spent money on things I really didn't need.

I almost immediately invested in breastfeeding bras with clips when sports bras were clearly a way better fit. I should have spent a few months letting my body settle and then do a proper clothes shop instead of mindlessly scrolling through Asos in a sleepy haze.

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