Thursday, December 13, 2018

Perfecting Night Time Routines with Max the myHummy Bear

Sleeping is such a difficult thing to master when you have a young baby. It's so easy to give into a baby that wants to crawl into your bed when you're half asleep and desperate for a few more hours. 

I think it's only right that I give a little back history on Rupert's sleeping. Ru is seven months old and until we were joined by Max, he didn't sleep through the night and found it difficult to sleep without being rocked and cuddled. 

We received Max the myHummy Bear around a month ago and since then Rupert's sleeping has changed so much, it's almost as if he is a whole new baby.

Max was the perfect addition to our family, exactly what we needed. Because Ru, like a lot of other babies, wakes up during the night.

Max the myHummy Bear is a multi functional bear that, through a heart sound device, plays five different white noises to help send your little one to sleep. Max has a sleep sensor so if Ru wakes up we don't have to get up and sooth him because Max will start playing white noise to get Ru back to his dreams. 

Max is perfect for travelling as he comes with his own travel heart pouch, which can be clipped onto car seats, prams, cots and take it wherever you go.

Since we introduced Max to our night time routine Rupert has been able to sleep without being rocked or having a bottle. He is able to settle himself to sleep with the heartbeat white noise setting as it allows him to feel like he's with us still. 

It has dramatically changed the length of time it takes for him to get to sleep. It used to take us around an hour to get him into a deep sleep whereas now he does it for himself within ten minutes.

We have managed to get Ru into a set bed time too, We can always rely on Max to help Ru get to sleep on time after his dinner and bath.

Night time waking and feeding has gone down from three wakes to one wake every now and again. 
We are all now getting plenty of sleep during the nights, making the days a lot more enjoyable.

The travel pouch is perfect for us as we are trying to get Ru into a perfect day time routine. Sometimes we're not always able to take Max out with us if we have a bag full of nappies and outfit changes, so the travel pouch can be attached to my changing bag or pram and taken with us on the go. So we're never without myHummy.

The main function that we love about Max so much is that he is controlled through a free app on our phones. We can select which of the five white noises you want to play, the volume and turn him off and on using bluetooth.

Most of all Rupert is completely in love with Max, he loves cuddling him and the teething ring attached to the travel pouch has been helping his teething a huge amount.

There are six different bears to pick from so there is something for everyone. 

Max is very well made and oozes high quality craftsmanship. He is extremely soft and the perfect size for Rupert to play with and cuddle. 

This would be a perfect present for someone expecting a baby or with a young baby. I would have loved to have been gifted this when I was pregnant. 

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