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Tips on how to make the Perfect Blogger Flat-lay.

I'm pretty new to this whole 'Blogger Flat-lay' thing, I'm trying my best to really up my photography game. I was really overwhelmed when I searched in Pintrest 'Flat-lays' because everything looked so pretty I had no idea where to start. 

I thought I would end up spending hundreds of pounds trying to accumulate enough props to make each photo pretty and unique. So here are my favourite basic props that I've picked up from shops for cheap or around the house. 

A Flat-lay consists of lots of different sized items and props. You have to stratigically randomly place items on a surface, blanket etc. Even if the item is barely showing you kind of have to fill the area to give more dimensions and detail. It seems a little difficult to begin with but once you get the idea of it, it's really easy.

Placing your main item/s of interest mainly in the middle of the image and using your props around it draws the immediate attention to your main focus point.

Blankets, Carpets and wooden surfaces are my go-to because they are easily available in my house. I like to layer them so that the image has different levels and textures. Tiles, marble, wooden boxes wallpaper are great ways you can make your photos more interesting. 

You can get free tile and wallpaper samples from DIY shops which can be used in your photos, they are free and you can get as many as you want, making all your photos look unique. Using surfaces like your bed or sofa are great backgrounds too.

Keeping old newspapers and magazines works well too. 

I also like using clothing such as jumpers, patterned tops and my kids clothing in images.


With props that will be used for seasonal Flat-lays its easy to use things that you'll probably use anyway. Christmas is great for this. 

Ribbons, sweets, wrapping paper, decorations and garlands are my favourites. These are easily added to your images which instantly make them festive, plus you can then use them as you would anyway without spending extra money.

For non-seasonal props you can use usual wrapping items, ribbons, sweets, lace etc

Don't be scared to layer stuff on top or next to each other, just make sure everything isn't clustered in one area.

Plants, pots and flowers are a staple prop, they always add colour and an extra something to your images. They are fab for giving extra height and for a 'look through blurred' perspective.

This Mini Christmas Tree wasn't something I had in my home anyway for the season but is something that is easily used for more than just photos. You can buy these for around £3-£4 and make the perfect addition to photos and your home. 

Using your usual Christmas tree can work too if you set up your props under the tree.

Table decorations, mistletoe and garlands are also lovely additions when trying to do a seasonal Flat-lay. 

Using little trinkets such as jewellery, confetti, fairy lights, petals and toys, whatever fits your image theme is perfect. 

When taking Flat-lays for Easter you can use little mini eggs and rabbit ears, For Baby images using teddies, blankets and cards, For Birthdays using cupcakes, candles, balloons and confetti. 

The little details always make for the most interesting and beautiful images. Placing small items around the image kind of ties everything together as one image rather than a load of random props on a floor.

Always make sure your light is right. Using a dark room on an evening with just the room light will make taking that photo so much more difficult. Try and use bright rooms, window spaces, day light and if you can soft boxes/ lights to get a clearer more detailed photo.

Adding light to a Flat-lay is always a good idea. Fairy lights, candles and glitter always make for a more beautiful photo. 

Bringing in some light or reflection gives your audience something more to look at and more 'sparkle' if you will. 

Also they are hella relaxing.

Taking your images from different angles and blurring out certain objects is a great way to mix up your images and detailing. 

Using every day items like mugs, mirrors, frames and cameras make the it seem more homely and soothing. 

Editing is one of the most important features if you're taking multiple photos. You want all your images to look unanamous, so make sure that what you do to one image you do to the others. If you're adding a filter to one, add the same one to all the others. Same with lighting, contrasts etc.


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