Sunday, January 20, 2019

How I Organise Rupert's Room Using Belo and Me

If you've been watching Marie Kondo on Netflix, like me, and feel the need to pull out your entire house and re-organise everything, then you should stick around to read more!

I have always been someone who likes to keep things in order and since moving into my first home last year, I have been a big fan of organisation. 

Everything has its place!

I love buying new things that will store my things and keep things looking tidy. 

Having a baby means my house constantly looks like the Tasmanian Devil has paid a vist. Toys are thrown all over the place, piles of dirty and clean washing mount up and pretty much everything is in chaos.

Belo and Me
Belo and Me are an amazing baby brand which offer a wide selection of different organisation products. They help parents keep their little one's things as tidy as possible.

Belo and Me Wardrobe Dividers
I have always organised Ru's wardrobe by age as it makes it so much easier to find things. Having clear markings, using Belo and Me's wardrobe dividers, allows me to know what will fit Ru when I'm rushing around trying to get him ready. 

I love the style of these wardrobe dividers as they go from tiny baby all the way to 18-24 months and if you have a fast growing baby like mine then you can buy blank versions to write your own titles. 

The styles available, including the ones below, are beautifully designed and unisex. This means that I won't have to repurchase if I have a girl in the future.

Belo and Me Adjustable Drawer Dividers 
One downside to Rupert's nursery is that we never got drawers; everything is in a box unit or the wardrobe. This means a lot of his smaller items, like socks and changing things, end up being piled up or in numerous small boxes.

Lately I've been using these adjustable drawer dividers, which can be easily changed to different sizes and shapes depending on what you want to add into them.

Because we have no drawers, I've been assembling them on our changing unit, which makes things so easy to grab-and-go. I keep Ru's emergency changing items such as nappies, wipes and vests in these.

The drawer dividers are the perfect addition to our nursery; they will grow with Ru. We can change the shape as the items we need get bigger and move them around the room. We can even pile them up and take them away with us!

Belo and Me Wardrobe Space Savers
You will never understand how much clothing one small baby can get through until you have one! Ru will easily go through three outfits, plus two onesies in one day.

His wardrobe is full of outfits that go from his current size, 9-12 months, all the way to 18-24 months.

I had a huge pile, after Christmas, of beautiful outfits he had been gifted that needed to be hung up. But we had no room.

Belo and Me's Wardrobe Space Savers are more like Live Savers. I am able to hook numerous hangers on to the one hanger. This means saving space in the wardrobe and allowing me to hang up more of Ru's clothing.

Also, I can have all his occasional and day outfits hung up and his onesies and vests neatly in drawers. These are really easy to use and pack away when they aren't needed anymore.

Belo and Me Sticky Labels 
Labelling has easily become a huge love of mine. I find it so much quicker to find things if everything has a label and its own place. 

Belo and Me have gorgeous themed stickers that work well with your babies nursery. 

They can be added to drawers, boxes or to your wardrobe dividers like I have done. These are available in two beautiful styles. 

Belo and Me are a brand that I have used since the beginning of my parenting journey and recommend to other parents. Their products are high quality, practical and they don't break the bank!

This post includes gifted items: see my disclaimer page for more information.
Thank you to the Belo and Me team for always providing Ru and I with the most gorgeous gifts that really do make motherhood that little bit easier.


  1. These are so good for keeping everything tidy too x

  2. All of these bits sound so helpful! I love the wardrobe dividers, they're so cute and super handy. I love having things all neat and organised xo

    Char |

  3. The wardrobe dividers are gorgeous, I can't wait to find me and Ru a new house so I can start decorating his room!

    Gemma Louise

  4. I LOVE anything to do with organisation so I really enjoyed reading this post.
    When I have children I'll definitely be purchasing some of those wardrobe dividers x

  5. Those wardrobe dividers are genius! Definitely going to recommend to a few of my friends with young babs!
    Emma |


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