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I used strictly only a five product Dermalogica skincare routine for a month: What happened?

I am so bad when it comes to skincare, which is probably why my skin is so awful. Since I was thirteen I have suffered with acne. I have always been told to leave my skin alone and not use products as they may cause more problems. So what happened when I ditched the professional advice to use a five product skincare routine for an entire month?

Around three years ago I was on a very strong drug for my acne, called roaccutane. For six months my skin was put through hell, the drug dried up my skin to the point of peeling off. I developed eczema all over my arms and I was so sensitive that I had to wear factor fifty suncream even on rainy days. 

It cleared my horrific cystic acne but I was told to not use any oils or products on my skin, just water because they didn't know how my skin would react.

So three years on and I have started to get bad skin again. A combination of time and using makeup etc has brought back the spots, not as bad as last time. I didn't know what to do and I was keen on using a skincare routine. I felt that water really wasn't doing enough for my skin and wearing makeup most days I needed a way of really cleaning my skin on the evenings.

I was approached by the team over at Dermalogica asking if I wanted to become one of their skinfluencers and use their skincare products. It was perfectly timed and exactly what I needed. The team were amazing and helped me every step of the way. I'm very honest in the fact I don't know what I'm doing in regards to skincare and looking after my skin.

The team over at Dermalogica sent me five products to try and over instagram I was helped so much, giving me their recommended routine and they even messaged me regularly to see how I was getting on.

The recommended routine:


Special Cleansing Gel

- Use a blueberry amount foamed up with water in your hands and then applied to the face and neck and then rinsed.

Daily Microfoliant

- Roughly half a teaspoon of this mixed with water in your hands until frothy like a cappuccino foam and then applied to face and neck and rinsed

Skin Smoothing Cream

-Around an almond sized amount or less applied all over the face and neck

SkinPerfect Primer

-A pea sized amount applied over skin smoothing cream


Pre Cleanse 

- One pump into dry hands and massaged over the face to breakup makeup, SPF and pollution, wet hands and massage again before rinsing

Special Cleaning Gel

-Seen in AM

Skin Smoothing Cream

-Seen in AM

My skin at the beginning of the month:

As you can see my skin wasn't terrible but full of blemishes, red spots and a mix of dry and oily areas. 

Using the products:

I initially found getting into a five product skin care routine pretty difficult, but that was because I'm not used to using anything at all. I had to train myself into remembering to use the products in the morning after a shower and in the evening when getting ready for bed. It took a while but after a week it was woven into me, I would often leave the products at the front of my products basket in the bathroom so I was always reminded to use them.

How they feel and work:


The PreCleanse was slightly oily which concerned me because I was always told to avoid oils for my skin. But I was surprised at how good it was at getting my makeup off. Previous to using it I had removed my makeup, well I thought I had. My cloth was covered in makeup and dirt after rinsing it off, It had successfully got rid of all the excess crap on my face that I didn't even know was there. 

It didn't make my skin feel oily or shiny at all. 

Special Cleansing Gel:

The Special Cleansing Gel was fabulous at making my skin feel light and refreshed. It is obviously in a gel form, just using the tiniest amount and rubbing in my hands I was able to cover my whole face and neck. 

Daily Microfoliant:

The Daily Microfoliant was a little strange at first to use as it was completely different to any product I have used before. It comes out in a powder form and when added to water the product foams up into a liquid. But when applied to the skin the liquid still has a few grains embedded which helps to exfoliate the skin and get rid of excess dirt.

This was really easy to use and felt great on my skin. I concentrated this product on my dry areas such as my nose and around my lips. It didn't feel rough or painful when using it either.

Skin Smoothing Cream:

The Skin Smoothing Cream was used both in the AM and PM, which I was very happy about. This product wasn't rinsed off, instead it was left on the skin to work its magic over time. It was super lightweight and refreshing on the skin. I don't usually like leaving creams on my face as I don't like the cake feeling but you almost didn't even feel the product on your skin at all. 

I was worried about leaving it on my face in the morning as on work days I do put makeup on almost instantly and didn't think it would work well underneath my usual face.

SkinPerfect Primer:

The SkinPerfect Primer was the smallest of all the products but for good reason, you barely have to use any at all. This is a dark cream, thicker cream that is added to your face after using the Skin Smoothing Cream in the morning. I felt that it worked its way into my skin really well, even though it was already on top of another product. 

The results:

The results after the first week: 

After week one I was a little unsure if I should carry on using the products at all. I was only just getting used to having a routine, which only added a few minutes to my morning and evening routine. I had seen a few changes in my skin and towards the end of the week I had a huge breakout of spots.

Now this could have been down to a few things.

I had just started my time of the month, The routine was forcing all the dirt out of my skin causing all the bad stuff to come to the surface and I had had a really stressful week.

I decided to persist because my problems were probably weren't caused by using the products at all.

The results after week two:

Week two was a lot better.

My skin was clearing and felt a lot brighter. I had a better week with Rupert and I had managed to get a lot of sleep in during the night, even with a nine month old next to me. My time of the month had ended and I minimised the amount of makeup I was wearing as not to overwhelm my skin too much.

It was starting to look brighter and clearer, although I was still dealing with the after effects of my huge breakout from the week before.

The results after week three:

This was a little bit of a strange week. I had a few small breakouts, but I think i'll never escape that because my skin has just always been prone to spots (even at the age of thirteen when I didn't wear makeup).

My skin felt better and looked clearer, I even had a few days out without wearing makeup because I felt like my skin was enough and didn't need makeup. I was finally feeling the full benefits of the products and really enjoyed using them in my day to day life.


The results at the end of the month:

My skin at the end of the month has been a huge surprise to me. I wasn't expecting much and didn't know what I was getting myself in for. Let's face it I was completely sceptical that a skincare routine could do so much to help my skin after dealing with it in such a bad condition for so many years.

My skin feels brighter and healthier, I use less foundation and concealer on most days as my breakouts have reduced to a minimum.

I still have red areas, blemishes and the odd spot and dry patch but I really feel I have my skin under control.

I'm really happy I introduced a skincare routine into my day because it has helped my skin so much and my confidence too. I've had multiple comments on my glow, which I haven't heard since I was pregnant. After every routine is complete I feel as if I have had a full pamper session, leaving me feeling fabulous and cared for. Perfect for the mom who has little time to herself.

What I would take away from this experience is to persist with using the products because if I would have stopped after week one I would have hated the product and not seen the real benefits.

Answering your questions:

What was your favourite product?

The PreCleanse. I was so surprised at how well it cleaned my skin and got rid of the excess dirt that I couldn't even see. This would be a great product on its own too just to get makeup off.

Do you think this routine would work with all skin types?

From my experience with Dermalogica is they cater the skin care routine to what your skin is like. They sent me products based on the fact I have combination skin. They have different products and routines that fit all skin types.

How much of your day did it take up?

This was a concern of mine, I honestly thought I'm not going to have time for this because of how fast pace and hectic my life is but it added about three extra minutes to my routine.

How long did it take you to make a decision on if the products were going to work for you?

Honestly, It probably took me until week three to realise that they were really working. It may not be this long for you but because my skin was in such a bad way and full of dirt it took longer for the bad stuff to leave and for me to see any benefits. I've mentioned I never had a skin routine before so I think my skin had to get used to it as well.

My question for you is, Do you have a skincare routine? If so what products do you use? and If not, why don't you have one?

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  1. So interesting to see the Dermalogica routine! Since having Elara 4 months ago I’ve been super bad at looking after my skin. Sometimes I even go to bed with my makeup still on ���� opps! I really need a good routine again!!

  2. Oooh dermalogica skincare has always intrigued me! Your skin looks amazing!

    Lauren |

  3. I absolutely swear by the cleansing gel, it’s the best I have used

  4. I'm a Dermalogica Skinfluencer and although I try out and review a lot of products I don't really have problem skin so it's really great to hear that its worked so well for yours. They're really gentle products aren't they? I had pretty bad skin in high school so relate to being worried about what you use on it!

    Soph - x

  5. I really do love Dermalogica skincare products, they seem to work really well for my skin. I really love the daily exfoliant, so gentle on the skin but still buffs away the dead skin cells!

    Lucy | Forever September

  6. I've never tried Dermalogica but recently my skin has been so awful so I might give it a go and see how it does for dry skin!

    Katie | XX

  7. I absolutely love Dermalogica products, I’m a skin influencer too but I have very sensitive skin and eczema and these are so gentle on my skin, glad they are working for you too x

  8. This is the most interesting Dermalogica post I’ve read as you’ve done before and afters and wow the change in your skin! Definitely making me want to invest in the brand x

  9. This was such an insightful post, Leah! I’m also currently trying out some Demalogica products and I wish I’d taken before/after photos to look back on!!

    Becca /

  10. I love Dermalogica, their cleansing gel is amazing x

  11. I used Dermalogica at college, it's such a great brand!
    I love how you've shown a before and after, it's great to see how the products have helped your skin.
    I used to have really bad skin when I was younger, but I started a skincare routine and I can definitely see the improvements x

  12. It's really great that these products worked for you! I love Dermalogica skincare xo

    Char |


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