Friday, February 8, 2019

Valentines Gift Guide

Valentines day is looming down on us, with only a few days until the big day. But it doesn't have to be that stressful, The simplest gifts always seem to be the best. Valentine's is no longer just for couples these days, you can celebrate the day with anyone you love: A friend, A pet, A child or A parent.

The Drink

Obviously alcohol isn't for everyone but everyone enjoys having a relax with a drink every now and again, ranging from Prosecco to a mug of Hot Chocolate. The perfect beverage for your loved one is a great gift if you're planning a weekend away or a romantic night in. It's something to be shared or enjoyed all alone. 

If your loved one doesn't drink or even if you're creating a treat for your little one, A hot chocolate kit is always a great idea. Really simple to make and lovely to share.

The Card

The card is the most important item. For most people they just get a card for their other half on Valentines. You Said It Cards sell a range of funny and rude cards, perfect for those who like to add a little humour to the day. Ranging from cards, mugs, mirrors and badges that are the perfect gift for your loved one, friend or your crush. They have such a huge a huge range of items for you to pick from.

The Jewellery

When it comes to showing someone how much you love and appreciate them, there is nothing better than Jewellery. From watches to rings, Bracelets to Necklaces. These days there are no limits to what you can buy. Websites such as Not on the High-street offer beautiful jewellery that can be costumed for as little as £15. 

Items of Jewellery Online I Love:

The Candle

Smelly's are a good idea, all year round. The Starlight Candle Company sell a beautiful range of candles, wax melts and wax burners. I love burning my Starlight Candle Company Modern Love candle in the bedroom as it smells gorgeous and always makes me feel so relaxed at the end of the night. Alongside the huge range of candles they also sell wax melts which fit the wax burners that they sell or any one that you may already own. They smell incredible and for the price of £1.50 you can change your wax melt regularly, giving your home a new smell whenever you like.


Aftershave and Perfume is one of the more luxurious gifts that you can buy, something that can last up to six months or a year. A good scent could be used by your loved one every single day, a reminder of you every time you use it. It's a great gift to give and one that is always lovely to recieve.
A nice gift for friends, partners or a parent. 

Personalised Gifts

Nothing says I love you like a gift that literally says I love you. Personalised gifts are a fantastic idea because it shows you've put time, effort and thought into a gift for your loved one. Not on the High Street have some lovely personalised gifts such as 'Reasons why you're wonderful' mini letters in a bottle. You can tell your loved one how much you appreciate them without actually saying it. You can write online your ten reasons which are printed on and can be kept for years and years to come.

Other Personalised Gifts I like:

This post includes gifted items, Please see my Disclaimer for more information.



  1. So many great gift ideas Leah! I love a good Valentine's gift xo

    Char |

  2. Such a great gift guide!
    I love those personalised gifts, I think it's so much nicer to give and receive this type of gift! x


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