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Dining at Bodega Cantina Birmingham | AD

Date night, as you can imagine is a rare thing for Harry and I. Since Rupert was born ten months ago we've only been out once, just us, and that was to a pub. So when Bodega Cantina in my local city centre asked me to review their menu I quickly snapped it up.

The Restaurant

The interiors of both the upstairs restaurant and the downstairs bar were inspired by the streets of Brazil.  This was echoed by music played throughout the evening. The music was perfectly teamed with the decorations. I loved the wall art which was placed all over the restaurant. 

The downstairs bar had low tables with soft seating and graffiti style wall art. A more relaxed area to meet with friends and enjoy Happy Hour. 

Upstairs was a more relaxed vibe with hanging plants and street style bunting. 

The Staff

The staff at Bodega Cantina were fantastic. 

On our arrival to the restaurant we were taken to the bar to enjoy happy hour before going to our table. We were seen almost instantly and our drinks were made promptly.

After sitting down we were given the perfect amount of time to see over the menu before our order was taken. Our food came out within no time at all and there was always someone on hand to call if we needed something.

The Menu

So, now onto the important part. 

The food.

The Menu was a mixture of platters and meals, which was perfect for date night. We were able to pick loads of different things of the menu that we wanted and share them between us. 

Everything was priced very low too, so ordering many different items to share didn't mean a huge bill at the end of the meal.

We wanted so many things of the menu we decided to order in two parts. In the hope that we would be able to eat everything. 

So first of all we had the Famous Homemade Nachos. 
 -Flour Tortillas topped with mozzarella and cheddar cheeses, sour cream, salsa fresca, guacamole and jalapeƱos. 

They were the best Nachos I've ever had in my life so far, no exaggeration. The tortilla chips were large and crispy, without being greasy or too salty. They were perfectly matched with just the right amount of dips added to the top. There was a sprinkle or jalapeƱos and cheese, binding everything together. 

Harry and I loved tearing into these and pretty much licked the plate clean.

Alongside the Nachos I decided that I just had to try their Grilled Halloumi with Fresh Pineapple salsa and Chimichurri dressing. 

It's not hard to impress me when it comes to Halloumi but this has completely set the bar to a whole new level. I never thought of pairing it up with Pineapple but it was beautiful. 

 Harry decided to have the Baja Fish Tacos.

I'm not a fish lover so I didn't try them but they looked amazing. Plus they must have been good because it's been three days since we visited and he is still banging on about them to everyone we meet.

For our second round of food we decided to dive deeper into the menu.

I wanted to test our their Burger because its so hard to make a good burger, even if it is a menu staple.

The Bodega's Burger a la Parilla is something I would recommend to anyone, especially if you don't like venturing out into new flavours and foods very often. It tasted amazing but the twist of having the burger in a wrap, instead of a burger was mesmerising.

Homemade 6oz beef burger, cheese and chipotle mayo in toasted tortilla with sweet potato fries and smoky slaw.

If you like trying new flavours and enjoy finger food then the Mexican Cola Wings, Three large chicken wings marinated in a house blend Mexican Cola syrup, is the perfect thing for you.

I don't usually like chicken wings because I find them difficult to eat. They were so soft and tender and beaming with gorgeous flavours. There was so much meat on them and a great addition to our main meals.

I wish I could have a bottle of this syrup to put on everything I eat, because it was spectacular and not like anything I've ever had before.

Finally, Whilst I buried myself in wings and a burger, Harry had the Dr. Pepper Marinated Pork Quesadilla. A large grilled flour tortilla filled with melted cheddar and mozzarella cheese, served with fresh salsa.

I had to try it for myself and it was gorgeous. The pork was so tender and melted in the mouth. The tortilla was soft and perfectly matched with the pulled pork. The flavours were incredible.

This point we were so so incredibly full.

The Cocktails

They had me at Happy Hour. The cocktails were made in prompt timing and tasted incredible. 

You know how sometimes you order a cocktail and they get the alcohol ratio completely wrong, well this place had it nailed perfectly.

Even Harry enjoyed the cocktails.

This post contains a gifted experience. Please see my disclaimer for more information.



  1. This whole experience sounds amazing and I love the Brazilian concept, a little bit different! The cocktails and food looks amazing- if only I lived closer!
    Soph - x

  2. The decor is absolutely gorgeous, wow and the food looks delicious. If I'm ever in Birmingham, I'll remember this!

    Lucy | Forever September

  3. This food sounds incredible and right up my street!

    Katie | XX

  4. I absolutely love the decor and the food sounds right up my street! I’ll have to go one day! X

  5. Their food looks incredible! So happy you got to have such a lovely date night! x

  6. The food looks gorgeous! Pretty interior too!

  7. This place looks amazing and now I seriously want to visit!? Everything you ordered sounds absolutely delicious and I loove the idea of having a burger in a wrap!xo

    Char |

  8. It sounds like you had an incredible time and the food looks delicious!
    I'm going to have to go here with my boyfriend for a date night x


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