Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Our Current Favourite Bed Time Books.

Recently we've started giving Rupert a more strict night time routine. We've always worked around his day time schedule. But our sleep has started to regress more and more as the weeks go by. One massive part of the night time routine is reading Ru a book. These are the ones Ru and I have been loving the most.

The Tiger Who Came To Tea:

This book was a firm favourite of mine growing up. It was read to me by my parents and I love the fact I can now share the same story with my boy. 

For those who aren't familiar with this timeless classic. It is a story of a Tiger who had Tea with a young girl and her mother, eating everything in the house leaving them with nothing by the time their father came home. 

Guess How Much I Love You:

I love this book. It's such a simple story that I feel on some level Ru understands, even though he's only a baby. I love Rupert more than he could ever know which is echoed by the story line.

It's the story of a son and father trying to out-do each other by telling each other how much they love each other. 

Muddle and Match:

Unlike the others this is not a story book. As Rupert nears the one year old mark I am making more active decisions to make every experience more educational. 

Muddle and Match is lots of different animals split into three parts. So you can mix and match the different body parts to make one animal or a hybrid, if you will.

We're Going On A Bear Hunt:

This was one of the first ever books I bought when I knew I was pregnant. Again It's a book that I really enjoyed as a child and found all the different sounds and actions that go along with it really fun.

I really get involved when reading this book to Rupert and we both have fun whilst reading it (I hope).

It is the story of a family that one day decide to go on a Bear Hunt. Making their way through long grass, mud, a river and a forest to get to the Bear's cave. It is full of rhyming and onomatopoeia.

Five Minutes' Peace:

I think maybe because I have turned into the Mamma Elephant in this book that I like it so much. There is a series of these books that we have within Rupert's wider book collection. They are funny and relatable, yet a simple storyline that Ru will be able to understand as he gets older.

I also love the illustrations within this book.

It is a story of a very tired and busy mother wanting to have five minutes peace away from her children, but ends up getting pestered by them. Sounds very familiar to me.

My Grandpa is AMAZING:

This is a fantastic book. Rupert has a great relationship with both sets of his grandparents and I love reading to him about his wider family that he doesn't see everyday.

The illustrations are fun and enjoyed by both Ru and I.

It isn't a story as much but lots of reasons why your Grandpa is AMAZING. It's easy to read and a book I hope Ru will be able to read to his own grandparents one day.


Because Rupert's dad works all day during the week they only really get time together when we do our night time routine. This book is great for them to bond over during their little time together during the week.

It is about a son and his father and again like the previous book is a list of reasons about why his dad is amazing but through the metaphor of a bear. Sounds complicated but it is a really cute book.



  1. I remember LOVING five minutes peace when I was a kid - a classic!

    Lucy | Forever September

  2. Guess how much I love you - omg this brings back so much memoriesss!! x x

  3. I don’t read to Reuben nearly as much as I should! He doesn’t really like being read to he just flicks through the pictures!

  4. Guess How Much I Love You is such a beautiful classic! I was read to so much as a kid and, along with it making me have such a love for reading and writing, those are some of my most cherished memories with my parents, so I can't wait to do the same with my babies one day xx

  5. Aww I love reading books with my nieces and my boyfriends little sister - the tiger who came to tea is a definite fave! Xx

  6. Five minutes peace was one of my favourite childhood books.

  7. I absolutely loved The Tiger Who Came To Tea when I was little - wow, that's such a throwback!! Guess How Much I Love You is a classic too and another one I really enjoyed as a child xo

    Char |

  8. These are some incredible books - I loved The Tiger Who Came to Tea and We're Going on a Bear Hunt when I was a child.
    I think it's so lovely for children to have a bedtime story x


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