Thursday, March 7, 2019

Tinker Lashes: Review

Wearing makeup has become more of a special thing for me. I am trying to take more care of my skin and clear of toxic products. So when I do wear makeup I like to feel as glamorous as possible with little effort.

To be honest I never really bother with lashes unless I'm going for a night out and feel the need to make maximum effort. I've always found applying lashes so stressful and not worth the effort unless needed.

Lashes are always such an extra expense that is too much of a risk when I'm drunk and taking my lashes off. I can't be trusted to take them off carefully and reuse them again.

Tinker Lashes are the luxury eyelashes that every girl needs in their life. I feel like I have natural beautifully long lashes without the uncomfortable feeling of falsies. 

They come in a gorgeous glitter box with one pair of lashes inside. My favourite thing about these lashes is they come already bend into the shape of your lid, so I'm not having to bend and work the lashes super hard to fit my lid. 

The thin lash line is perfect for a quick application and makes it easier to attach to the lash line, keeping them looking natural. 

Tinker Lashes are the perfect pair for me because I can keep them safe in the box after using, getting a fair few uses from them. 

Tinker Lashes come in a range of different styles so you can have multiple pairs for any occasion. My favourite are the natural set but their fuller lashes are perfect for when I want to go full glam.

The simplicity of the lashes fit into my lifestyle so easily. I never have to leave a long amount of time when getting ready because I know they will apply with such ease.

What's your favourite easy application beauty product?

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  1. These lashes sound great and so easy to use!
    I also always take my lashes off when drunk, so I never spend much money on them! x

  2. These sound lovely. I’m so bad with falsies, I really wish I could apply them better, they always look so nice in other people! x

  3. I completely agree with you - I’ve started taking more interest in skincare, which has made me wear less, more ‘natural’ looking makeup instead of a full face everyday. So now when I do doll myself up, I REALLY enjoy it and find myself experimenting so much more and getting so much more fulfilment out of it. I loved this post x

  4. These sounds so simple to use! I will definitely be having a look at these as I’m wanting to try false lashes x x

  5. Lush pictures! I’ve never tried lashes before but this post is making me want to give them ago!

  6. I have these and I absolutely love them, super easy to apply!

  7. These lashes sound fab, I love trying out new brands!

    Katie | XX

  8. I used to wear eyelashes so much but rarely do these days! They sound fab for a night out though x

  9. Ooh these sound great! I'm not a huge lash wearer, as I'm so bad at applying them - but these sound so much easier than regular lashes, so I might have to check these out. Thanks for sharing :) xo

    Char |


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