Thursday, April 11, 2019

Essentials for After Giving Birth.

My Labour was nearly a year ago and really I should have written this closer to that time but looking on that time, my list has probably doubled. There is an endless list of everything you need for your new arrival when they do come home but no-one really talks about what you will need to recover from Labour.

My Labour wasn't that bad, I mean If I could choose I would have had it a lot easier but I've heard of worse labour stories in my time. However, My Labour recovery was really difficult. I wasn't able to go for walks with my newborn for almost two weeks after. Completely killing off my Kardashian idea of walking a baby just few hours old. I could barely stand for more than a minute and pretty much had to sit on a pile of cushions because of the pain.

Breastfeeding Pillow

If you're breastfeeding or not this pillow will become your savour. I had a vaginal birth (soz if tmi) and as you could imagine sitting down was extremely painful. Sitting on this pillow allowed the pressure to be relieved because I wasn't directly sitting on the 'area'. I think I used this as a seat for around two months after giving birth. 


Snacks will be so important for the recovery. Luckily the day after giving birth my parents did an enormous food shop so that we were fully stocked with food, snacks and drinks. Enough for my little family and our long list of visitors.

For myself I was stuck under a sleeping baby for hours on end and especially when trying to sort breastfeeding out I wasn't able to eat a lot of meals. Meals will blur into one and the nights go into the days, snacks will get you through the tired spells and low sugar levels.


The same as snacks I found that you always needed enough drinks to get you through the day. If you're breastfeeding you need to make sure you keep drinking water constantly. But then again peeing is a b*tch after a vaginal birth so not too much water.


You're going to be tired, You're going to be stuck in the same place for hours on end and you're going to be blitzing through Netflix boxsets like they're going to be deleted that day.

I watched a new boxset every week in the first few weeks and think I may have completed Netflix all together. Having a book, a phone, music or a TV remote close by at all times is really essential in the first few months. But take it while you can because once they hit 6 months they'll be in control of the remote.

Comfy Clothes

If it be pjs or normal day to day clothing, make sure you have plenty of comfortable options to wear. You will need something that is comfy to wear and is easy to get on. I wore lots of lounge wear, stretchy clothing, pjs and my maternity clothing in the early stages because I just needed comfort. 

But not every day you'll want to be in pjs or loungewear. So have options of things to wear out of the house when you do start socialising again. Easy to wash is always great too for those unexpected stains.

Nipple Cream and Breast Pads

If you're breastfeeding or not, there is a chance that you will be dripping milk here there and everywhere. I tried breastfeeding (whole different story) so was going through tubs of nipple cream and breast pads. So always have these at the ready for when you need them. 


Of course you'll need wipes for your baby but I found that using wipes for when I wiped (oh gosh) was a lot more comfortable than using regular tissue. I only did this for the first few weeks but it made the whole process a little easier.

What was your saviour product after birth?



  1. I'm not a mum to be but this is such a helpful post and I'm sure will come in handy for me one day! Rupert is such a little cutie you should be so proud<3

    Katie | XX

  2. I actually found drinking gallons of water helped me pee after birth, it waters it down so it stings less so I think you’re meant to drink as much as you can! X

  3. Comfortable clothes or PJs! For a couple of weeks AT LEAST!!

  4. I don’t have any babies yet but this is going to be very helpful when hopefully one day I do have a little one x

  5. I don't have babies yet but my sister is pregnant!

  6. This is a great post!
    It has given me some great ideas of what to put in hampers for my friend's for their baby showers x


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