Saturday, April 27, 2019

How to Make Money as a Micro Influencer.

Over the last few months my work load in regards to blogging has massively increased, I am starting to see my online presence as a job. But it didn't come easy. I have been active on my Blog and Social Channels almost constantly over the last two years, putting in huge amounts of work all whilst being pregnant and the first year of being a mother.

It has taken me a while to get to a place where I feel I can approach brands and work with them knowing that I can create the kind of content they like. I have also gotten to know my worth as a smaller influencer. For so long I thought that being a smaller influencer was detrimental to me, that I couldn't charge for my work and that I wasn't as important as bigger influencers. 

But that is wrong on so many levels. 

Being in this industry for almost two years, working with brands and now working in PR myself: I have learnt that brands want influencers and bloggers of all different niche's and following to promote them. I've found that being a 'smaller' influencer doesn't mean my worth is smaller and my work is less effective. 

I've worked with huge brands from having just 1k on Instagram who have told me they like working with 'smaller' and 'bigger' influencers as it shows diversity and they can reach a range of people they wouldn't usually reach. 

Know Your Worth

As I've just touched on, know your worth. If a brand reach out to you for a gifted campaign and you feel like you should be getting paid, ask. If you see that someone has done a collaboration with a brand you use and love, find their pr email and ask. What have you got to loose really? 

Similarly, If you are offered a price and you aren't happy with it. Ask if you can negotiate or say you can't compromise, You never know they might come back to you with a better offer. 

In all the hundreds of emails I have sent I have never gotten a 'NO' or a 'Your work is crap', I either get a 'Yes' or 'We currently have no work but We will add you to our PR list'. Trust me both are great. I've had brands reach out to me months after emailing, so don't get down.

Don't Be Afraid To Ask

Again this links on to the last point but seriously don't be afraid to ask for work, ask for more or ask for better. 

Have Fun and Be Passionate

I put my lack of success for a while down to the fact I was putting too much pressure on myself. I was trying to be like other influencers and wanting to make lots of money. As soon as I sacked that off and saw it as a fun activity that I got into because I love writing and photography. That's when the work started coming in. People and Brands will feel your passion and it will reflect in your work. It will do wonders for you.

Juts have fun and the rewards will follow.

Have Your Niche and Style Set

Now I don't mean having a theme or a preset on your instagram, but knowing what content you product and be able to have your own unique stamp on things.

Sounds harsh, but why would a brand approach you to do work when they can get someone with more followers who can make the exact same content as you? Why would they approach you to do something they can do themselves or get somewhere else?

As a 'smaller' Influencer you need to be able to stand out. Be able to say Yes, I have a small following but no-one can do what I do. That's what makes you different and makes you attractive to brands.

Have a Portfolio

Doing Gifted or 'free work' Isn't a bad thing at all. If you are presented with an opportunity with a brand you want to work with and It's only on a gifted basis, then do it, why not. You only have positive to gain from the situation. It may lead to paid work from the brand on continuing campaigns and may even lead to paid from from other brands.

Having a portfolio of work is a great tool for when you want to pitch yourself (will go into this) to brands in the future. I did gifted work for over a year which has lead to some amazing opportunities.

It's hard to pitch yourself to a brand for work if you don't have any examples of your work to show them.

Building a portfolio of work is a great learning process. You can get to grips with what kinds of content you like to produce, marketing strategies and how to talk to brands and PR's over email. You can get yourself into a nice routine of what to do and what not to do. You can learn from your mistake and perfect your craft.


Pitching was something I avoided until very recently. As soon as I'd sent my first email and got an amazing response from them, the fear was gone.

It is silly to think that as a 'smaller' influencer that you will get enough brands approaching you every month, enough for a wage, without you doing any of the work.

Pitching yourself is a great way to get noticed by brands and PR's that like your work and want to work with you, that never would have even known you existed before.

I thought that pitching would be a lot more difficult than it is, but I tend to keep it really simple. I have a template saved on my laptop which I then amend and tweak to fit the brand/PR that I am approaching. I think changing it to fit the brand is very important. There is no point me talking about my kid to a makeup brand but is important information if I'm approaching a parenting brand.

Everyone should be different as you don't want to be the same as every other pitch email.

Don't over think your pitch. Long emails tend to be skipped or skim read.

Pitch Example

This is for approaching a brand, not for a specific campaign or product etc. If you were to pitch to a brand to promote a specific product, work on a certain campaign etc just briefly state that in the pitch and say why you would be perfect for it.

  • Hello (name of person you're emailing).

If you can get the name then add it, it shows you've done your research which is always good. If not, I tend to add a line saying that if this email is sent to the wrong person can it possibly be forwarded to the correct person. This isn't the best but it's how I word it if I can't find a contact name. It never goes down badly.

  • Introduce yourself. 
Tell them about yourself. Who you are, where you are from and what you do (influencer, blogger).

  • Talk about your portfolio.
Oh hey, look I've worked with these amazing other brands and now I want to create the same kind of content for you too.

  • Put your links and stats
These are the links to my work for you to have a little look yourself. I have this many followers etc.

  • State why you think your niche/branding would work well with them.

This is very important because they may read the email and think, yeah okay? So what? So make sure you make it very clear why you are of interest to the brand.


Apps are a great way to apply for work without having to write emails and pitch yourself as it is all done within the app. There are tones of apps that do all different kinds of things and many brands use different apps for different things, making everything very confusing.

Tribe - Tribe is probably the top App used by influencers. It's not the best for smaller influencers as you have to have 3,000 plus followers on Instagram to apply and even then the brand can change how many followers you need to have in order to apply.

Tribe is an app in which you take the content of an advertised campaign and if approved you get paid and the campaign goes live. It's very simple. However, it is a bit crap if you don't get approved because you've bought the item (if you didn't already have it) taken the content and then nothing.

InstaHash - This one is new to me, but I have recently applied to a campaign from there and got it. You sign up and add all of your details, click apply to advertised campaigns and then the PR will email you for contact. So It's a good mix, because it cuts out the pitching process.

Takumi - Takumi is an app that only shows you work that is eligible for you. I love this idea because you're not putting in work for nothing but I've never had anything come up for me as of yet. So not sure what it's like to go through a process with them.


Facebook groups is where I started applying for work. Groups such as 'UK Influencer Opportunities' 'UK and Irish Parent Blogger Opportunities' and Local area blogger groups like 'Soton Bloggers' and 'Brum Bloggers' are the best place to start for getting work, finding people like yourself and finding local blogger events.

Brands and people who have been offered work but can't do it, Will post about different work and events going on and all you have to do is comment your details. I have received so much work through this and built my portfolio up using Facebook groups.


Finally, If you have worked with a brand/PR before then ask them if they have any contacts you can, A lot of the time brands and PR's will cover more than one company, which they can offer you more work too.


I put a Q&A on my instagram seen as that's where most of you requested me to write this post.

How to approach a brand

Be confident. Do you research and try to find the correct person to contact. Know the brand, have an idea of what you could do for them and try and find previous work they've done with influencers.

How to know how much to charge

I'm still a little stuck on this but on Tribe it has a calculator which shows you how much you can charge depending on your following. But don't stick to that. Think about how many hours will go into this: The planning, the emailing, the content creating, the expenses and the promoting. If you're stuck maybe ask someone with a similar following to you and ask them how much they charge.

How to ask for a budget

Just be confident and be outright and ask for one. Don't feel embarrassed.

How to negotiate a price

Ask for a budget, Say your usual price and come to a compromise. If they want a blog and instagram for a set price but that price is half of what you usually do, ask for just a blog or instagram. Don't settle, sometimes if you stick to your guns on a price they will come around because they want you on board.

I really hope that in some way this post has helped. I am willing to answer any more questions, equally if anyone else has more tips send them over.


  1. After finishing uni I definitely want to start expanding my blog and try working with some brands that I love! These tips are so handy, I'll definitely be saving this post and coming back to it later on to remind myself! Xx

  2. Congrats on all your most recent campaigns Leah, you're smashing it at the moment! I'm routing for you hitting 3k on Insta too! These tips are really helpful! I've been blogging for a couple of years now but only really the past 2 years doing it seriously and putting in more effort and it's so rewarding when people approach you to work with them or attend events!

    Katie | XX

  3. It’s so much easier than people think to earn a full time wage from blogging as a micro influencer, but you have to be prepared to put the work in. I’m a single mum and earning an amazing full time wage for Ru and I on my own from it but never thought it was possible a couple of years back until I did my research and started pitching 24/7!

  4. This was such a great post Leah, super helpful! I discovered Facebook groups a few months ago and they're so great for discovering opportunities!

    Lucy |

  5. This is such a helpful post! As a 'smaller' influencer I think sometimes you can't see the opportunities are there for you. I'll definitely be pitching to some brands now you've made it not seem as scary!
    I felt demotivated with blogging for a long time, thinking I would never get anywhere, but now I'm prepared to put the work in now to try and earn money alongside uni x

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