Monday, April 15, 2019

Spring Makeup Essentials

A change in the seasons is a great excuse to change up your makeup routine, luckily for a makeup addict like myself. I feel a dramatic change in the weather means that I have to start using a whole new bag of makeup with more lightweight items that aren't effected by the sudden heat increase.

Being a mom means I need a quick makeup routine that won't take up a lot of my time, I need something long lasting, easy to apply and reliable. Basically something that will make me turn from a zombie into a princess in less than five minutes.

Highlighters have grown in popularity and the amount of types of products you can get these days in amazing. During the winter months and when I'm wanting a fuller coverage I always turn to powder highlighters. But during the Spring and Summer months I find that a lighter coverage of makeup is more comfortable. 

NYX have a beautiful range of liquid stick highlighters that work well with both cream and powder products. For when you just need a little glow to your look, these highlighters are very natural and easy to blend. I don't like powder highlighters for then you have lighter coverage makeup on because it can sometimes appear chalky. Also when it gets a little warmer powder products can break up from the sweat and oil increase (lovely).

For eyes I love using simpler products. Again I like no faff items that make me look natural without looking like my natural self (if that makes sense). During the Spring I like doing pencil eyeliner for the everyday as it is it a lot less time consuming and I'm not worried about my liquid liner dripping away from the heat. I find Soap and Glory's Crazy Sexy Kohl Eye Liner really easy to apply and stays all day. It's also a great day to evening product as it can be smudged into a dark eye look.

I'm really loving soft browns and pinks for my eyeshadows too lately. Little compact eyeshadow palettes like this one from Soap and Glory are perfect for on the go and quick eye looks. These are perfect for day and night looks. These are usually available from most makeup brands.

Being bronzed is such an important thing for me during Spring and Summer. The layers come off from winter and I find that being more tanned and bronzed allows me to feel more comfortable with the drop in amount of clothing. 

Topshop aren't known for their makeup and quite frankly I've never really bought much from them. A few months ago I purchased a bronzed highlighter/bronzer from them and it is really great for adding something a little extra to your look. Although it's a powder: it's more of a bronzer than highlighter so it is really lovely for bronzing up your look without adding highlighters, which can sometimes look a little fake. I also love bringing this into the summer season for a little body bronzing.

I mean this isn't really a Spring specific makeup item but Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Dip Promade is a great multi-season product. It is so diverse in regards to doing a subtle look or complete dramatic brow. During Spring I love feeling the fresh air on my skin so wearing lightweight natural makeup is the best.

A lightweight but full coverage foundation is what I reach for in spring. Wearing a full coverage foundation that doesn't feel like you're wearing a face full is the dream during Spring. Bourjois Healthy Mix is amazing for a lighter feeling foundation that works well with the Spring weather. I love how it gives me a subtle healthy glow without wiping all my natural oils out and allows me to look naturally healthy.



  1. I have been loving the Bourjois Healthy Mix foundation at the moment. I feel like it's so lightweight but had a good amount of coverage!

    Katie | XX

  2. I'd really like to try Bourjois Healthy Mix - it does sound great for Spring.
    Great picks x

  3. I haven't used the bourjois healthy mix for ages, I used to love it!

    Lucy | Forever September


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