Wednesday, May 29, 2019

8 Tips For Aspiring Bloggers.

I'm no expert so please don't hold me down to any of this advice. But after blogging for about six years and being a content creator for two, I feel like I've learnt a few things.

I often get asked about how I became a content creator. Did it just fall into my hands? Was it an accident? Did I set out to do this? Or was it an act of desperation? 

Well, probably all of them.

I've always been a very creative person but never been able to really pinpoint what kind of creative field I wanted to go into. I loved writing, but free writing, I love photography and videography, I love engaging with people and being able to have a creative outlet that was free from judgement ( I think I'm in the wrong job for that one). 

But over the years I kind of stumbled into content creating after having a blog throughout my university days. It was more of one of those crappy Wordpress blogs that I wrote on probably once every three months and didn't really understand what I was doing. But that was fine because it gave me the stepping stones of what I would then continue onto. 

Two years ago I found myself pregnant and very bored. I decided it would be the perfect space to write and fine tune my photography. I loved social media and kind of picked that. 

But enough about me. Let's get into what I've learnt over the last few years.

If you look at my blog and social channels you can see a whole lot of change in the last two years. Going from a free wordpress theme to buying my own blog, from taking blurry photos to a professional camera and editing software. I'm not saying you need all those things but I've found what works for me, found my style if you will.

Be Organised.

This is the biggest key to being successful in blogging, Especially if you have other things in your life going on such as jobs and children.
Blogging can take a lot of your time up, It's not just writing. It's getting all your research together, writing, reading over, re writing (like me), taking photography, editing and promoting on your socials. If you want to get work through your blog that can take up even more time: Emails, Pitching, Social Media etc. 
So pick a day or time of day that you can commit to this. Organise what you're going to do in what order of importance. For example I do most of my writing in Rupert's naps and my other work on the weekends and evenings. 

Be patient 

Blogging can take a lot of time. You probably won't get hundreds of views off the bat, you probably won't have the most amazing photos straight away and you more than likely won't know what style of writing suits you best. 
My writing is so chatty, very different to the press releases I write at work.
Just know that with anything, it'll take time.

Don't be afraid of Negativity

In this industry you're going to be getting a lot of negativity. It kind of just comes with the job. You have to learn to have a thick skin and know that someone else's opinion of you doesn't mean anything.
If you're trying to get work through your blog, don't be disheartened by a 'No' email. You have to get a No to get a Yes in life.

Do your research

I never did this in the beginning, it really knocked me back from being successful. If you are writing about a makeup product but you're not sure on the price etc then google it, do your research, because the person reading your blog about the product should come away knowing loads on it not just your opinions. In my opinion. If you're talking about mental health, put a helpline or some sort of help at the bottom of your post, because again someone reading this probably wants to know more about mental health. 
Also with photography, if you're not the best at taking photos or unsure on what photos to take: Do some research on tips that can help you or different ways to take photos of products that could help you level up.

Engage with others

Not only will this help you get inspired and give you inspiration on how to improve yourself, It will give you a lot of confidence. I find that engaging with other bloggers can help you build a little community around yourself. Not only will your enjoy it more but you'll probably feel like you always have someone to talk to if you're stuck. We all learn from each other. 

Don't feel like you have to have a specific branding

This one is probably something that people will disagree with but I don't think in this industry you need to have a specific branding. I used to be very in the beauty blogger box and felt like I couldn't talk about anything else on my blog or social media. If you widen your niche to just anything you want to talk about, you'll find more engagement and more people coming to your blog. I love being able to talk about Makeup, Family and Mental health and if I want to anything else. It will also allow for more work if you do want to work with brands in future.

Always be transparent

The amount of people who tell me they don't write AD or Gifted on a post because they feel like they don't get as good of engagement. Not only is it illegal but it's also very dishonest to your readers and followers. You always want people to feel like they're getting the truth out of you. If you're reviewing a lipstick that everyone loves and you hate it, don't feel like you have to join the bandwagon. Be honest. People will appreciate it. 

Have fun

Of course, because what is the point in spending all your time doing something you don't like? People will sense it in your content if you're having fun or not. I always find the posts I enjoy doing the most, are the most successful.


  1. Really great tips Leah, I agree that engaging with others is a really helpful/useful part of blogging!

    Lucy | Forever September

  2. Amazing tips Leah. I've always loved your blog and it's amazing seeing how much it's grown over the years too!

    Katie | XX


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