Monday, May 27, 2019

Astronomical Gifting With Greater Skies | AD

Everyone has that one day. That one day that is really special to you. A specific time, place and memory that can be pin pointed down. For me that moment was when Rupert was born.

There have been a lot of very special moments in my life. Seeing my Mom graduate, Mondays spent eating doughnuts with my grandad when he picked me up from school, My first day of University, When I met Harry, When I graduated University and Giving birth to my baby boy.

Not all special moments seem that at the time. For example when I found out I was pregnant, confirming it over the phone with my doctor when I was on the number 76 bus going to Nandos. They were extremely scary moments in my life. At the time I thought my world was collapsing around me but in fact it was just starting.

On May 6th at 7:04am I became a mother. A moment that I go through over and over in my head. The most painful but beautiful experience of my life, one that I hope to have again.

I've never been shy talking about my birth experience because it was just the path I had to take to meet Rupert.

But that moment. The specific time and date have shaped me as a person forever. A moment that I want to be rolled into a capsulated ball forever.

If you have never heard of Greater Skies before, I urge you to check them out. They are a company that produce posters that show the exact constellation and stars as they were at an exact moment in time.

They have a unique, perfect way of capturing that special time in your life and giving it to you as a perfect gift.

Image being able to gift someone their favourite memory to live out over and over again.

Their website is a very simple process. You personalise your image, inserting the date, time, a personalised message and even picking the style of background you would like. It took less than ten minutes for me to design my poster and have it being sent to the house.

'A map of the sky with thousands of stars, the Moon, the Sun and the planets, as seen from a place and at a time of your choice.'

In our living room, now hangs a freeze frame of the moment we became parents. It's so special to all of us. But how perfect would this be for a Wedding, Christening, Birthday or Anniversary gift?

So why choose a star map instead of a framed photo?

I believe that a star map is not only more unique to a standard framed photo but it is more personal. Not everyone will look at our print and see the memories we see. A photograph is exactly that, a captured moment. But the difference is you can look at a framed wedding photo and see the wedding, you look at a star map and feel the emotions, the excitement that you had in that moment. The moment when your whole universe was in one place. Showing between 7,000 to 8,000 stars, the constellations and major solar system on each map. Perfect for past, present and future gifts.

The product itself:

When our poster arrived we were very surprised at the quality. Not only of the design but the paper too: It was thick and very sturdy. The colours were perfect, By this I mean it didn't look like it had been printed at all.

The size was also very generous, we had a large print, which was perfect for our living room as we have extremely high walls. A smaller poster would have been completely lost. The print is now out statement piece of the entire room.

It was detailed beyond belief. The poster had exact names within the poster, showing the names of all major constellations and stars as they were at that exact time.

I will forever treasure my Greater Skies map.

This post included gifted items. See my disclosure for more info.



  1. Such a beautiful poster and what a lovely memory you've captured

  2. I love these prints, such a great idea and a very personal gift you can treasure forever!

    Katie | XX


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