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Fresh Pasta To Your Doorstep With Pasta Evangelists | AD

As a family of three it's really difficult to think of new meal ideas week in week out. Ru is also at the age where he eats the same meals as us, So I'm always on the hunt for meals that are full of flavour, that are fresh and can be eaten by all three of us.

The reality of cooking every evening for my family whilst being at work isn't always easy. Some evenings I'm not able to cook meals from scratch and fill them with healthy goodness. The days I go into work I find that the evening meal is smiley faces or fish fingers. Finding something quick to cook before bed time doesn't always mean healthy.

We are big pasta eaters in my household, It's actually Rupert's favourite thing to eat. So when Pasta Evangelists reached out to me to ask if they could send over some of their fresh pasta meals, I was over the moon.

The package arrived in the morning, in a freezer bag with reusable ice packs inside. The products were packed with colour co-ordinating dots, so you know what ingredient went with what meal. The sauces were pre-prepared and the pasta was fresh. The box also included their full menu list, information about the company and the recipes to follow.

I was surprised at how simple the recipes were, I was expecting a long list of instructions and hundreds of fancy ingredients. But no. A three step follow plan and about three to four ingredients each. I also use two items of kitchen wear, meaning minimal washing up. BONUS.

This is perfect for a family that don't have time for cooking but want fresh, flavourful meals to eat together.

Chicche Di Patate Gnocchi With Beef Shin & Barolo Wine Ragu & Parmesan.

Gosh, When I saw that they had sent Gnocchi I was over the moon. I love Gnocchi so much but am ashamed to say I've never had it made fresh.

This recipe was a three step process, very easy and very simple to follow. I heated up the remade Rage in a dish whilst boiling my Gnocchi, then mixed it all together and added Parmesan. Then Eat!

Literally took me less than five minutes, if that, to prepare.

The Gnocchi was so soft and matched really well with the rich Ragu. There was large chunks of soft, melting beef within the sauce that gave beautiful texture to the meal.

This was a big thumbs up with the entire family.

Speck Ham & Scamorza Cheese Tortelloni With Sage Butter & Parmesan

I've never been a fan of Tortelloni, I have nothing against it, I've just never seen anything overly special about it.

With this recipe I just used the one pan, to boil the Tortelloni, drain and add the sauce. The Tortelloni took four minutes to boil, so all in all this one took around five minutes to prepare. 

Harry was extremely happy about having Tortelloni for dinner as it is one of his favourite things to eat, but because I'm not keen we hardly have it. 

The Tortelloni was very large compared to the supermarket versions. But it was gorgeous.

Fresh has converted me. It was filled with so much Ham and Cheese. It was full of flavour and really filling. The buttery sauce was smooth and gave such a lovely subtle punch of flavour to the dish.

For something that took me five minutes to make, I was very impressed.

Pasta Evangelists is such a simple yet gorgeous way to get fresh, beautiful meals with minimal time and effort. Great for the entire family. We can't wait to order from them again as it will make everything so much easier in our household. 

They were so easy to prepare that even the simplest of cooks can make fancy meals for the whole family. Imagine impressing your family with dishes like this? A lovely way to surprise your partner or a fun mid-week treat. 

Without the busy supermarket food shop, minimal washing up and easy to prepare.

You can personalise your order online, for meals that arrive right on your doorstep, at 

This was a Gifted Advertisement with Pasta Evangelists, For more information visit my Disclosure page. 


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