Thursday, May 2, 2019

Things to Watch This Bank Holiday.

We won't be watching much this weekend, making this totally ironic. But this weekend is Rupert's first birthday so I will be running round preparing for a party and then spending two days celebrating and probably crying. But as a work from home mom I have lots of knowledge on what's good to watch.

The Mummy Diaries: The Wedding.

If you haven't been watching Sam and Billie Faiers: The Mummy Diaries, then you need to at least save yourself the embarrassment and watch The Wedding special.
It's probably being known as the most elaborate wedding in recent years. The social media sisters, known for their time on TOWIE, (when TOWIE was good) share their adventures in motherhood. In this one off special Billie and 95 guests fly to the Maldives to watch her get married. I good, light hearted programme that will probably make you wish you had that much money.

Bridget Jones.

Netlix have graced us with BOTH Bridget Jones films. If you're looking for something funny and easy to watch then why not stick these on, even if you have seen them thousands of times like myself.
Treat yourself to a large bar of chocolate and a cuppa, pop your pyjamas on (if you're not already living in them) and snuggle up on the sofa. Ditch the phone and relax.

Avengers End Game.

If you dare go into a public place this weekend and venture to the cinemas, why not go and see the film of the year (my opinion).

I dare say much about this film in pure fear of being attacked for spoilers. It is an amazing film for those who haven't been watching for years and an epic watch for those who have religiously been watching the films like myself.

Jane The Virgin.

Again, on Netflix. Jane The Virgin is a funny, uplifting, dramatic TV series that I have been watching for a while now. It's full of fun and something that can be enjoyed by all kinds of people.
There is plenty of series loaded onto Netflix, which can easily fill your entire long weekend.

Bake Off: The Professionals, 8.00pm Sunday, Channel 4

Because who doesn't like watching people bake? Especially when you can't be arsed to do any yourself. For this one I suggest you get a hot cuppa, when your little ones are in bed or occupied so you can drink it warm, get a shop bought cake (less washing up) and stick on Bake Off. 
This is one of those shows that 99% of people enjoy watching. It's full of fun and a very easy watch. This special episode will see some past favourites returning to the tent. How fun!

Friday Night Dinner, 10.00pm Friday, Channel 4

Hello, All. Friday Night Dinner is one of Harry and I's favourite shows. We will watch it over and over and never not find it funny. Friday is the start of a brand new series, which I'm very excited for. It's extremely funny and 100% not one for the kids, hence the 10pm start. Don't worry if you've never watched it before, it's one of those easy to pick up shows.

Dear White People: Volume 2, Netflix from Friday

I avoided watching this show for ages because I honestly didn't think I would get into it. But it was one of my favourite shows of the year and I'm excited for the start of Volume 2. It dives into lots of different very important issues without dancing around the problems America face. It's surprisingly very easy to watch and really makes you think.

There's Something About Mary, 9.00pm Saturday, Comedy Central

A classic film is always needed on a Bank Holiday Weekend. I really love older films, they are more original and raw. There's Something About Mary is a hilarious, romantic film that will start your weekend in the perfect way.

What will you be watching this Bank Holiday?

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  1. I love watching the Mummy Diaries and that wedding was so pretty! Also a big lover of the Bake Off: The Professionals!

    Katie | XX

  2. These are some great picks! I love Bake Off: The Professionals so I'll definitely be watching that tomorrow x

  3. Jane the Virgin is my fave I love watching the new episodes every week!

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