Saturday, May 25, 2019

Toddler Snacking With Organix | AD

I've always found snacking a little bit of a difficult one. As a first time mother food can be a really scary thing, especially when they want to feed themselves. I've always been very cautious of foods that could be a choking hazard, whilst making sure that not all snack times are the same every day.

 I've always wanted to be one of those parents, who makes fresh everything and gives her son food that's only full of the best nutrients.

But being a working mom, It's just not do-able.

I'm lucky in the fact that Ru likes a lot of different foods, he's always been great for experimental cooking.

I think as a parent, you tend to find what works for you and your child and stick to it. With us, It's always been Orgnaix foods. For a while now, everywhere we go I have a full bag of Organix snacks at the ready for if Ru needs them. I don't have to worry about him not liking them or not wanting them. He loves them so much! 

But as a parent, I don't have to be filled with guilt that I'm giving him a snack that's full of sugar and fat. The Organix range are full of amazing goodness that will keep your little one happy and healthy. They are also very easy on the bank. We don't have to worry about our weekly food shop budget having a huge chunk missing from snacks.

He is being filled with natural energy. 

When he was younger he loved, as still does love, the Organix Sweetcorn rings. They were melt in the mouth so we didn't have to worry about him not being able to chew.

Not only are they great for snacking but for an extra to their meals, a dessert treat and especially in this weather, a picnic accompaniment. 

Our personal favourites are the Raspberry & Apple Soft Oaty bars, Carrot Cake bars & the Gingerbread men. Mainly because they are great on their own, easy to carry around with you on trips and days out but most of all I think they are great for using in other cooking. Sounds strange right. 

But as Ru gets older I've started baking and cooking more. I love using these Organix snacks to create new recipes such as adding the Gingerbread men in Banana bread or as a base for mini cheesecake bakes. They are such diverse snacks that I know will grow with Ru as he gets older. 

What is your favourite Toddler Snack?

This blog post contains gifted items and is sponsored by Organix foods. See my disclosure for more information.


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