Monday, June 24, 2019

9 Things I Like About Myself.

I find it very difficult to speak positively about myself. I was recently asked to write 150 words about myself to be put on the website of my new job. I was in such a panic because I couldn't think about five nice things to say about myself, other than I am a mom. That's all I could think of.

But even the idea of speaking nicely about myself made me very upset. Why am I incapable of preaching my positives instead of sticking to the negatives. I am very fortunate, I am very lucky and I have an amazing life. At least 50% of where I am today is because I got me there.


I am a Mom. For such a long time I would be so embarrassed to walk into a room of strangers and when I was asked, 'What do you do for a living?' to answer with 'I'm a Mom'. I feel like only being able to say you're a mom opens you up to a lot of hate, especially from those who aren't parents. Being a mom is the most incredible thing I've ever done, my largest achievement. I am proud to be a mom and being able to take on this incredibly hard job, is a huge win.

I used to compare people at work everyday, to my little stay at home life and think that I was a slacker. But being a parent is a round the clock job with no end or breaks.


I am smart. I feel so cocky writing this but I am. No matter the stage of my life, I have always prevailed with my brains. I'm not overly smart and some things really stick at me. But I am clever. I loved school, I enjoyed my university degree and I love having a full engaging conversation about politics or the news. I love building on my knowledge, if that be at work or at home.


I work hard. I am such an incredibly hard worker, to the point of exhaustion or my boss texting me on a Saturday telling me to enjoy my day and stop working. I love working and I'm so happy that my job  is something I enjoy doing. But I put my all into my work.


I am passionate. Everything I do, I do with huge amounts of passion. From my work to my blog, looking after Ru and making handprint cards. I never do anything half hearted.

My blog, my social media and my job are all things that require a lot of time to be put into them. But I don't see the point in putting time and energy into something you don't love doing. I give them all my everything.


I have a strong support system around me. This is partially due to the family I was born into but I have a really good sense of judgement. I have picked a really good group of people to grow up with, to build my life with and to have around my child. My parents are my best friends and I hopefully think that will reflect into my relationship with Ru.


I am creative. Ever since I was a little kid, I've wanted to create things. I was always wrapping things up, painting canvases and making a toy bus on my parents sofa using cushions and teddies. I've always had a huge imagination that has allowed me to create wonderful things. I was into performing arts at school and did a broadcasting degree at uni. Looking back everything I've done, that I loved, was centred around being able to be creative.

My job now is creating social media for companies and running events. I love being a creative person: But I love how my life has naturally been steered into a future full of creativity.


It may be debatable if I'm even funny. But I think I'm funny (that counts right). I try and make a joke whenever I can and find myself being really happy when I can make people laugh.


Manners. I pride myself on having good manners. In a world where saying please and thank you is slowly degrading, I'm happy to say I am a very well mannered person. No matter the situation or person, I will always say please, thank you, offer someone a drink, give my seat up on the train and let someone pay before me in a queue if they have less items than me.


I am very forgiving. This may be a downfall of mine too, but I tend to forgive people a lot. If they've hurt me or if they've done something wrong: I always find myself getting over it. Life is too short to dwell and who am I to cast the first stone? I'm not perfect and I've asked for forgiveness in the past. So why should I judge. But then again I can hold a grudge.

So, what do you like about yourself?


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