Sunday, June 16, 2019

A day in the life of a working mum.

Being a working mom is something I've fort hard for. I didn't have a job when I fell pregnant and my little blog, which started as something to kill time whilst I was a huge human baby carrier, has turned into a 'kind-of' job for me. I'm lucky that my blog creates an income for my little family.

My time at home working on my blog and really getting to experiment with my photography skills has made me want to go into PR, instead of journalism. Besides wanting a stable income, I find PR more interesting especially after spending months dealing with PR's for my blog.

But more to the point now. Being a working mum is so difficult. I am lucky that I have found a job in an amazing PR agency; that allows me to fit my work around my child, work from home if needed and show off my social media skills. I also get to be around the most empowering women and spend my time building on my social skills, which need help after spending over a year stuck under a baby.

A general day at work can be extremely exhausting. It starts extremely early and goes on into the night. Being at work is such a dream but it's so physically and emotionally draining.

So my usual work day routine goes a little like this:


6 am:

Wake up, Rupert and Harry are probably still asleep. I shower, make a cup of tea, get dressed, do my hair and makeup and then if they haven't awoken already; I wake them up. If Ru wakes up during me getting ready, I'll have him climbing all over me as I attempt to make myself look decent.

7 am:

Take Ru downstairs so he can get dressed. I make sure everything is packed in his bag for the childminders and prepare two bottles to pack away. If he's in a good mood he'll usually sit and watch Cbeebies whilst I do all of this and drink his juice. I will quickly pack my bag and lunch ready to leave the house.

7:30 am:

Get the pram up, get Ru's jacket on and a snack at hand. We put on our coats, get our bags and leave the house to walk the 20 minutes to the childminders.

8 am:

Drop Ru off at the childminders and try to walk out the door without crying.
Walk to the train station and catch the twenty minute long train into town.

9 am:

Work starts, usually do the coffee and tea round and eat my breakfast. Have a little catch up with the girls. The day is pretty much always different, depending on what events are coming up and what is needed from the clients.


12 pm:

Lunch time. Most days I will stay in the office during my lunch and eat there, whist working. Somedays, if I'm not prepared I will go out for my lunch. There is always the slight chance that I'm not in during lunch and I just eat when I get the chance.

My afternoon is usually jam packed with social media organisation, talking to clients, going out to meet the clients, scheduling, photography and drinking loads of tea.

2 pm:

Usually around this time I start to really miss Ru. Sounds bad that it takes me about six hours, but 2pm is usually when things settle and I get time to think. This is when I would usually text the childminder to pester me with photos and updates.

3 pm:

Tiredness kicks in. Because I'm not full time I find it hard to go in and out of this fast pace work. My days at home have intervals of lying down, cuddles and nap times.

5 pm:

The panic rush begins. If I'm in the office it can be really easy for me to just get my stuff and leave to go get the train but there are times when I'm still out working or with a client and I find myself in an awkward position of wanting to stay professional and keep on working but at the same time my brain is going ALERT ALERT IF YOU DON'T LEAVE NOW YOU'LL BE LATE TO PICK HIM UP!

5:23 pm:

The train from Birmingham New Street home. I get to the childminders for around ten to six and I proceed to have a long chat with her all about what I've missed.


6 pm:

The walk home begins, we usually meet Harry on the walk home and have a little catch up. The childminder also sends me a long detailed message around this point: Detailing everything he's eaten, played with, his bowel movements and his naps.

6:20 pm:

The final mad rush begins to get his dinner ready quickly and his bath on.

6:30 pm:

If all goes well this is usually when he has his dinner. If I have time I tend to cook his dinner the night before so that it is just ready to eat in time. Bath time comes straight after.

7 pm:

Bath time done, bottle made and up to bed.
We have a different kind of bed time routine, where we lie in our bed with Ru until he falls asleep and then we transfer him to his own bed. He is out for the night.

7:30 pm:

Time for us to eat and tidy the house. At this point I usually catch up with my social media, blogging and emails. This usually goes on until around 9pm when Love Island begins.

10 pm: Get ready for bed, make up Ru's bag for the following day and make sure Harry's lunch is made.

My day as you can see is pretty full on. In between jobs and if I ever get a break I tend to turn to my blogging, making sure this business isn't falling down hill.

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