Thursday, June 20, 2019

Encouraging Early Education with Learning Resources Toys | AD

Now that Rupert is getting older, he is getting more and more interested in games that challenge him. He loves to play with toys that build, break apart and keep him thinking for longer periods of time. He has found a huge sudden interest for blocks, buttons and books. But as with anything when it comes to kids, it's hard to find a toy that will grow with him and continue to challenge him as he enters his toddler years.

Ru is now thirteen months. He is at that age where he can walk and is busy discovering and destroying every corner of the house. He is easily bored and hard to entertain. He's basically like a little puppy who wants to feel, throw and pull apart everything in the house. As a parent, this can be really exhausting. Ru gets very frustrated half way through the day because nothing is good enough for his high playing expectations. So finding a toy that works on multiple levels that keeps changing and has different elements to it, is really hard to come by.

Learning Resources provide toys that encourage learning, play and fun for children. All their toys have that multi level element that any parent, with a demanding one year old, needs.

The Tot Bot is a brilliant robot style toy that allows Ru to be challenged educationally and entertained for long periods of time. At the age of one he obviously can't count, build very well or figure out the correct order of objects. But the Tot Bot is fantastic toy that will fit in with his educational learning.

Ru loves his Tot Bot. He tends to carry it around and twist the different bolts up and down. But even at the most basic levels of the toy, it is still challenging and entertaining him. He has learnt how to use his hands to twist and move the bolts and move them so much they come off the top.

The Tot Bot allows Ru to learn building skills. He can put the individual screws on top of each other on or off the bolt stand. As he gets older and understands the toy more, he'll be able to put the bolts on the screw and twist them back on. Then to add to his knowledge he can add the counting element. Each bolt has a number from one to five, as he learns to count he can find the right bolt and twist them and build them in the correct order.

The Robot also comes with a tiny wrench which fits to move the bolts into place. I think Ru is a long way away from using this but as he gets older he'll learn to fit it onto the bolt and use it to turn the bolts in stead of his hands.

The Tot Bot is a fantastic toy for building on your children's developmental skills. It's not the kind of toy that is just for a specific age which I think is fantastic. Perfect for keeping to your toy budget.

My favourite part about the Tot Bot is that it is easy to pack and transport. We are off on our summer holiday soon with a four and a half hour flight. The Tot Bot will be perfect for putting in our travel case and playing with on the plane.

Learning Resources is a fantastic brand that provides different toys that challenge, educate and entertain just like the Tot Bot. There is something for all children.

This toy was kindly gifted by Learning Resources. To find out more see my disclaimer page.


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