Thursday, June 20, 2019

Introducing Cutlery with Doddl | AD

Parenting for me has been one big game with infinite levels. Every time I feel like I've mastered something, such as nap time, Something else pops up like teaching Ru how to use cutlery. Also being a first time mum means I have to just have to follow what Ru wants to do and hope for the best.

So, just a little background on Rupert's eating habits. He has always been a really good eater. He was baby led fed: so has always fed himself with his hands. It has really worked for all of us but it has made things a little more difficult when it comes to introducing cutlery. 

As soon as Ru turned one I wanted to introduce cutlery: so that we were introducing better eating eating habits early. But honestly...I had no idea where to start. Do I put food on his fork for him and feed him? Do I pre load the fork and give it him to hold? Or do I just put it on his plate and let him discover.

I guess there isn't a right way, but I was so scared (I guess with every part of parenting) that I was doing it wrong. 

Doodl is a great company that supply cutlery that is tailored to children over the age of 12 and designed to be easy-to-use. 

The way that I introduced cutlery into Rupert's meal times was by trying a few different things and seeing how he responded to them. At first I put his after dinner yoghurt on his plate, still in the pot, with the spoon popped inside. It was messy, but I let him just play around with the situation. He didn't really use the spoon in the right way but he did take a lot of interest in it. 

Over the past few weeks I've just put the cutlery on his plate alongside his meals to see what he does. I'll occasionally put some food on his fork and see how he decides to get it off. Slowly but surely he has started using the fork and spoon in the correct way. He is also starting to reach for them himself. The next step will be him loading the cutlery with food himself and cutting using the knife.

Another game of patience. But I am very impressed with how he has took to it so far.

" Doddl offers innovative mealtime products for babies and young children. Multi award winning and approved by experts, Doddl helps children enjoy eating independently and is the perfect solution for happy mealtimes. "

As you can probably tell, this looks a little different looking to normal toddler cutlery. It is specially designed to be easy grip and simple to use. The knife is my favourite, it is formed so that Ru can get a hold of it properly and cutting with it is a lot easier to use. He can put more pressure on from holding it above, there isn't loads of sharp points too which would scare me. 

The shortened utensils means that it allows Ru to get food to mouth in a quicker way, he doesn't have to try and figure out the correct co-ordination: as you can imagine his hand-eye-coordination isn't the best at the age of one.

The set is perfect for growing with Ru. As he gets older and enters his toddler years, he'll be able to use the cutlery better. Teaching himself to cut with the knife and scoop things up. Giving him to chance to build on his skills and confidence when it comes to more controlled eating. Doodl cutlery is perfectly designed for my toddler's hands. He doesn't get frustrated when trying to use the set as it is effortless to scoop due to its unique design.

One of my weaning and toddler essentials.

This post includes gifted items that were sent in exchange for an honest review. See my disclaimer for more information.


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