Saturday, June 8, 2019

The Sweetest Gift This Father's Day With Bakerdays | AD

Anyone else find Father's Day gifting really hard? Or just me. The shops don't help either. They sell socks, chocolate and joke books. Trust me my dad has enough socks, gives all his chocolate to the grandchildren and doesn't NOT need any more jokes. 

Not sure about you but my Dad deserves the whole world, his own island or even a brand new car. But I can't afford that, unfortunately. But these days there are so many cool, unique and inspiring gift ideas to suit every single dad, grandad and great grandad. You can finally say I Love You, without gifting yet another aftershave set. 

Everyone loves cake. From Birthdays to Christenings, Christmas to Easter: Cake is always the best way to celebrate. So why not incorporate Cake into Father's Day?

bakerdays are a customisable cake service that is delivered through your letterbox. I know right! Cake literally posted to your house. Through their online web service you can customise your own cake using a your own photograph or pick one of their pre made designs. I used a pre made design as I felt this one really summed up what I wanted for my dad.

My dad is a coeliac, meaning he can't have gluten. I really wanted a cake that not only looked good, but something my dad would be able to eat without feeling ill afterwards. My dad usually can't have cake without feeling ill. bakerdays have a range of different options for the cake itself, They were amazing with my request and made a cake wheat free. 

They offer gluten, wheat free and dairy free cakes.

My favourite thing about the bakerdays service is that each cake is not only delivered to the house through the letterbox but also comes in a beautiful tin that is reusable.

There is a huge variety of what you can order from bakerdays for all different occasions. From first birthdays to the huge 100! Religious, Party, Romantic, seasonal or for a teacher, bakerdays have you sorted. 

But it's not just cakes: they provide cupcakes, balloons and even corporate products. All very customiseable and adaptable to suit your requirements. 

 So let's talk cake. I was a little worried to order cake online as I was really unsure if it would arrive fresh, in perfect condition or if it was going to be a total mess. But I was so impressed with how the product arrived and just how amazing the sponge was after travelling and being in my dads house for two days before I could get my hands on it.

The sponge was light, fluffy and tasted extremely fresh. The icing was sweet without being too overpowering and they had perfected the standard vanilla flavouring.

There is a wide range of flavours to pick for your cake order. Making your cake the perfect present.

For more information on bakerdays you can shop online using the following links:

This post contains gifted items that were sent in exchange for a review. All my options are my own. Please see my disclaimer for more information.


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