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Toddler Essentials With Hipp Organic | AD

Having a toddler is hard work, not to mention expensive. Rupert eats as much as a forty year old man and needs constant entertaining. I love him of course, but making sure he is eating enough whilst getting all of his nutrition is very hard. That's why I turn to HIPP Organic.

Being a mom is one big learning process. It's so difficult to find out what foods are best for your little one, what kinds of skin care and bath products are going to be best for their skin and most importantly, what is going to keep them happy and healthy.

Since day one, we have been using HIPP Organic. They have a range of different products from food to bath care that you can rely on to make your baby happy. 


When it comes to weaning, We're all very lost. As a first time mom I had no idea what Ru could or couldn't eat, How things had to be prepared and How to make sure Ru was getting a lot of goodness into each meal. 

In the first few weeks of weaning we gave Ru standard fruit and veg purees with additional finger foods. So when he turned 10 months we wanted to really step up his meals, giving him foods with a little more texture. Getting him used to using his little teeth. 

Hipp Organic pre-made food pots were our go-to for lunch and dinner time. We always made sure we were fully stocked with their amazing range for evenings when cooking a dinner from scratch wasn't an option. But I knew that just because he was having a pre-made meal, didn't mean in any way he was getting less nutrients. They are really easy to prepare, cook and cool. They always went down really well with Ru and would often be left with an empty plate.

Now that my one year old is fully weaned and no longer needs purees and finger foods, We use HIPP Organic toddler range.

I'm a working mom now, so making time to cook a full meal and cool it down in time for dinner and bath time is really difficult. On the days I work by the time I've collected Ru from the childminders and got home it's already past his bedtime. So a quick, healthy meal is really important for us. It helps us keep our routine and allows Ru to get a nutritious meal.

There is a huge range of different Toddler meals that are, again, quick to prepare and full of goodness. Plus they are a huge hit with Ru.

The range replicates usual meals that we would usually give to Ru, so it doesn't throw him off having really out their meals all the time. Meals such as Spaghetti and Pasta.

Bath Time

One thing I didn't know for a while, is that HIPP Organic have a bath range. After they kindly sent it to me to try out, I realised what we'd been missing. We've kind of just always used what was on offer and hoped that it worked for us. I love the HIPP Organic bath range because it keeps Ru's skin smooth, creates amazing bubbles and lets us know he's properly clean. 

It sounds really bad, but I'd never thought about hand soap for ru. I used to just to use wet wipes when he got a little messy. But now he's toddling around we need to start incorporating hand soap into our day and adult hand soap is probably a little much for his smooth fingers. The duck pump is so cute, incorporates fun into being clean and it's really easy for Ru to use as its so delicate.

Both Ru and I love the HIPP Organic range, they are so reliable as a brand that I know I'll be using their products for years to come as Ru grows and with future children. They are so affordable and we always have a huge stash in the cupboards ready.

This post includes gifted items, please see my disclosure for more information.


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