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What I Packed For My Holiday Abroad.

Summer is very daunting to me. Anything that involves me getting my 'mom bod' out, scares me to bits. So the idea of going abroad and lying round a swimming pool in a bikini was pretty daunting. I decided that instead of running from the situation, I would find and pack things that made me feel comfortable and happy. 

After having Ru I found that I really loved wearing colour. I had hid from colour my whole pregnancy because I didn't want to draw any attention to my huge huge elephant bump. I spent a long time looking into other moms on instagram like Hannah Gale, to see what kinds of things they were wearing and tried them out for myself. 

The wrap dress

I love wrap dresses now that I have a bigger belly. It really compliments my body shape and can be easily dressed up and down. I picked this gorgeous yellow dotty number from Matalan. The thrill on the sleeve compliments my arms. Wrap dresses are really good for those who have areas of their bodies they don't like such as belly and legs and have a smaller waist area, like myself.

The Camisole Top

I pretty much filled my suitcase with Cami and floaty tops, for a few reasons. They are such a versatile clothing item to wear: they cover your belly area without clinging or being tight, they can be thrown on over a swimming costume or paired with a nice pair of shorts, trousers or tucked into a cute skirt. These are great for the stomach conscious. I also wore these a lot during my pregnancy as I found they fit even if I didn't buy them in maternity style.

The Swimsuit

I realised that the thought of a Bikini scared me a lot and I didn't want to put myself through that. Instead I found some pretty gorgeous all-in-one suits on Boohoo: a simple black one, a red one and a snake print one. They were all low back and very flattering. The bold colours and patterns made me feel glamorous without putting my whole body on show.

The Midi

The Midi skirt and dress have completely changed the way I see fashion since becoming a Mom. I always wore things that were muted because I hated any attention on myself. But the Midi is both comfortable, fashionable and makes you feel DAMN AMAZING. I have found that they are the perfect all year round clothing item and I honestly am unsure how I lived my life without them. 

On holiday they are the best item for minimal packing. A Midi skirt can be dressed up, down and thrown on over a swimming costume. A simple coloured skirt can be paired with pretty much any top or swimming costume in your case. They are amazing for covering up your body in the heat without getting warm.


Headbands are really in at the moment and they are pretty practical. You can get them really cheap and in all different styles and patterns. I took three in my suitcase and they were all heavily used. For around the pool to keep my hair out of my face and to dress up my outfits on the evening.


Sandals are a basic when it comes to packing for a holiday abroad, I get it. But for a whole week away, I only packed two pairs of sandals and a pair of flip flops. This is all I needed and it didn't take up any room in my case. I nabbed a pair of flip flops from Primark for 90p and the two pairs of sandals I took were of similar style but slightly different. 

A simple brown slip on pair which were used for evenings and round the pool and a black pair with a buckle for the back for long days out.


On the off chance that you get a spare second to yourself, then packing some sort of entertainment is needed. For me, I opted for a book that I've had since pregnancy and keep going to read but don't have the time. I have many of these and hope to slowly get through them. I find that just simply taking headphones can help, because you don't have to have a longer period of time to get invested, like a book. You can pop on your headphones and play your favourite song, album or podcast.

The Hat

Not everyone can pull off a huge hat, trust me: I know. But everyone is entitled to wear what they like and when it comes to a burnt scalp: a hat is always handy.


If this be a jazzy pair of earrings to dress up your evening outfit or a slick pair of sunnies, accessories are easy to pack when you have the right stuff. I find jewellery can get pretty complicated and rather picking something to match a certain outfit, pick things that will go with everything. I took a thin pair of pearled hooped earrings because white goes with everything and a black pair of sunnies that would compliment all of my day outfits and swimwear. Gold or silver jewellery can compliment pretty much everything. Instead of taking a suitcase full of jewellery you may not even wear, take things that if you're feeling it: you can.

The Bag

Bags become a whole new ball game when you're a mom. You go from having a tiny little bag which you can pretty much pack a weekend away in to a huge duffle bag full of 'incase items', toys and nappies. So going on holiday means you're taking about two months worth of stuff with you. But there are stylish options such as straw and large beach bags. These are great because you can dress them up with your great outfits without leaving stuff behind.

What are your holiday essentials.

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  1. I love your holiday essentials - I need to be more minimal with packing shoes like you..I pack so many and don't end up wearing half of them! I agree with a big hat, a burnt scalp is not fun at all! x


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