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A Summer of Spectacular Shows at Warwick Castle | AD

When the sun is shining there is nothing better than venturing out of the house for a trip with the family. We love going out now Ru is older, we are able to take him places where he will interact with his surroundings apposed to just sleeping through it all like when he was smaller. Last weekend we ventured to Warwick Castle for a really lovely day out.

As I said before Ru is starting to understand a lot more as he is hitting his toddler years. He understands words like 'horses', so when I told him we were off out for the day to see the Horses and the Castle: he was pretty excited. 

Our day started on the train. Although Warwick Castle was a little out of the way for us living in Birmingham, it was really easy to get to with the trains running into town and then to Warwick every twenty mins. The train wasn't overcrowded (for once) and we were able to get seats. Ru enjoyed having his own seat, having a snack and looking outside of the window. 

In no time we arrived at Warwick station. Although we had to walk to the castle, it was a very quick and pleasant walk. The surrounding town is quant and peaceful, it was really easy to walk to the castle with a pram and there were plenty of directions. 

Upon arrival there are loads of staff dotted around on hand to help. It was well sign posted and even a little Cafe for people to stop and have a drink before handing over their tickets into the venue. As soon as you come through the barriers you are welcomed by the beautiful scenes of the castle and its surrounding grounds. Truly beautiful.

Because of the gorgeous surrounding grounds we decided to sit down and have out picnic, it was lunch time and seemed ideal for us to eat before venturing around the castle and the shows. It was so beautiful and had plenty of time to set up camp, eat and for us to chase Rupert around as he explored this new space. It was really peaceful and lovely to just sit in the sun and have a little rest, the grounds weren't at all over crowded making a lovely change for a day out during the summer holidays.

As soon as you walk through the castle and into the courtyard grounds you are surrounded by different places to go, things to try out and (Ru's fav) the gift shop where we were able to buy this foam toy for him to play with in the pram. 
The grounds are once again very open but full of life. There were a few things that we weren't able to take part in as they didn't have pram access but there was a huge amount that we could do with Ru. 
For walks around the castle rooms, a Princess tower and the famous scary dungeons. As you walk through the courtyard you come to an open doorway that leads to more open grass space. This was clearly where all the family activities took place.

This was my favourite part of the grounds. I would have loved to have brought my niece and nephew along as there was a lot there for kids older than Rupert. Knight school was there to teach the young kids how to slay the dragons and be a true Warwick Castle warrior. 

Archery classes with the professionals taught both adults and children to hold a bow and fire the arrow. There was plenty of larger and smaller activities dotted around for all the family to take part in. There is truly something for everyone. 

For those who hadn't prepared a picnic or visited on the rainier days: There was a variety of food vans serving everything from Burgers to Ice-cream. The queues weren't long at all, which is fab for a summer holiday as most places are overly crammed. The venue was busy but there was so much to do that everyone was really spread out making it really enjoyable for all.

I'd also like to point out that even though the grounds were mainly cobble and grass, It was very easy to get around with a pram. 

At around half one we walked around the side of the grounds towards a larger arena style area with a closed off lake. We sat on the large grass area over looking the lake, waiting for the Falconer's Quest show to start. There were bench-like seats at the front of the grass but were already full up with keen visitors, However there was masses of grass area surrounding for people to sit and view the show. As the show drew closer the grounds filled with people eager to see the show. 

The show started with a dramatic voiceover that both gave set the scene and gave an insight into the history of Warwick castle and how it came to be a home to the wonderful birds we were about to see. 

An actor boarded a boat and then a barge which moved to and fro across the water, which matched the voiceover and storytelling. 

First came out the Barn Owl. Sounds silly, but i nearly cried because it was so beautiful. Owl's are my moms favourite so it was so beautiful to see one. I was shocked and happy to see how the birds were able to fly across the crowd and how close they got to people. I felt very much at ease and was completely mesmerised by the beautiful creature.

The birds slowly grew bigger and better as they flew out. From Vultures' to Eagles, Large birds too Small. The story continued throughout and it was truly amazing to see the birds fly around and see them so close up. 

I was unsure how Ru was going to react as he isn't one to sit and watch something, he loves to run around. But he loved sitting on my lap and pointing at the birds as they flew around the sky. He kept looking at me as if to say 'WOW', it was really lovely to see. 

The show lasted for around half an hour minimum but it didn't feel slow or boring as you were constantly given information on the birds, able to see them fly around and given history into their importance to the castle. They seemed very happy in their surroundings and at ease with the trainers. 

After the show we had to get Ru to sleep as he was getting tired from his long day. So a quiet walk around the grounds was perfect, we even stopped to grab some ice cream on our walk.

There are plenty of other shows that we wish we could have attended like the Jousting but because Ru was asleep we didn't want to risk anything waking him up.

Over all it was a lovely day out. We were blessed with the sunshine but feel the day would have been just as lovely without. There was so much to do and take part in for all ages. The grounds were very well set out and easy to get around with a pram without compromising on the beauty and authenticity of the castle. For a summer holiday sunny day I was expecting to have to queue and push through people but there was so much to do and see that, although it was busy, everyone was spread out making it an enjoyable experience for everyone there. 

Thank you, Warwick Castle and the team at White Tiger PR for inviting us along for a well needed and happy day out!

*This was a gifted day out and a sponsored blog post, see my disclaimer for more information.


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