Monday, August 26, 2019

Life Update: Moving House, Going Back To Work & Rupert Becoming A Toddler.

I've been at a loss of what to write about for a while. My life has been a whirlwind lately and I feel like I haven't had a second to really sit down and think about my life at its current stage. Every day I am questioned about my life: I tend to share snippets of my life but not the whole story, which sparks questions. A life update is probably needed.

Moving House

A lot of people ask me why I never really spoke about this more publicly. Moving house is a great thing, a big deal, the next step: but for me I didn't really want to talk about it out of shame and humiliation.

We haven't moved into a new place, in fact we've moved back in time. A few months back, due to money issues, we decided to move in with Harry's parents house with Rupert. It was a really hard decision, especially both having jobs and a toddler. We weren't just moving us but our toddler, our childcare and moving away from my family.

It wasn't a massive money issue, but obviously don't want to get into too much. But we don't earn much between us and we were spending on bills, rent, basic food and childcare which would take the entire wage. We know we are adults and this is going to happen but we were spending a hell of a lot of money on rent that we knew if we saved for a few months we could easily get a mortgage and live easier and more secure.

So that's the general basis of it really, we've moved to save and get a house and pay off items like the sofas etc.

Going Back To Work

Going back to work has been a really long process for me and not something that's a recent life update and although I have spoken about it a fair bit I don't think I've spoken about me going full time with my work.

A few weeks ago I was asked to up my days at work, which was a huge thing for me. For someone who didn't have a job during pregnancy or for the first year of motherhood, I was so excited to finally be working and contributing to the family finances.

It's been a lot harder than I thought it would be.

My work has been upped and my work load has increased, this is fine. But I am getting used to being on hand 24/7 for my clients as well as my children, i love it but its taking some getting used to.

When your kid is ill and you're unable to go to work it can be tough.

Other than this I am finding being a working mom extremely exhausting. I am up at 6am to get myself and Rupert ready, I then do the drop-off, travel to work and start my day at 9am, I work until 5pm, travel home, pick up the kid, do dinner and bed routine and probably sit down at around 8pm, when all I want to do is eat and sleep. It is really hard. The worst days are when things out of your control happen, like a late train and you get home to find you've missed bedtime and Ru is asleep.

It is worth it. I love my job, I love working and I love feeling like I have a purpose other than being a parent.

Rupert Becoming A Toddler

So recently my nearly 16 month old baby has become a toddler. I'm not sure when it happened or how but my little boy who needed my help with everything suddenly doesn't need me at all.

He has come along in leaps and bounds. His walking has really come on, where he can tackle steps without having to use his hands, run and is now in hard bottom shoes instead of soft ones.

His talking has come along so much: he used to just babble and say mom and dad but now his vocabulary has spread more than twenty words which he uses daily to communicate.
Words like shoes, juice, bed, food, toes, toys, book etc...

He has always been a good eater. But it's not the food he is eating that has come on but Rupert has started using cutlery with his meal times. Picking up food with a fork and putting it to his mouth, using a spoon to scoop and feed himself. This wasn't something we forced upon him and if I'm honest I really didn't know how to go about the whole cutlery thing, but he really just picked it up for himself. We would place the fork and spoon on his plate and put one bit of food on there to start just to show him what it was for and he really just went from there himself.
We've also managed to drop the day time bottle and the dummy outside of bed time.

I am so proud and yet so emotional at how grown up he is getting. He's learning so much every day and understands yes, no, do you want to go to bed and bottle etc.

I miss my little newborn but I love watching him grow and learn each day.


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  1. This was a lovely life update to read!
    It's such a great and sensible idea to move back in to save and pay off items you own, it saves you worrying in the future about money too.
    I'm glad you love your job and it sounds like Ru is growing up lovely! x


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