Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Easy Baking With Wilko | AD

I remember being a young child and spending my afternoons baking with my Nan. We spent a lot of time together as a child making cakes, breads, pastries and biscuits. It was one of my favourite things to do. We would often bake something for my grandad to have when he got home from work. 

Growing up love of baking only grew, but as time went on I found it harder to fit it into my life. Becoming a mother means I spend my days trying new things to entertain my busy toddler: from building towers with the blocks or discovering new ways to go down the slide at the park. 

As Ru has grown older and become more independent I have started to introduce him to baking. It is lovely to have his input into something that brings such a wonderful end product, something we can share and enjoy together. 

He may not be able to crack the eggs and siv the flour without covering the walls, but It's great to have an extra hand at the whisking. 

But baking can be messy business, especially if you're adding a toddler to the mix. I find that using easy-to-use and clean baking equipment saves me time, energy and a lot of stress. 

Wilko is somewhere we shop a lot. There is always amazing prices, especially when it comes to cooking. Making it easy and affordable to take part in this beloved activity. We can buy all the things we need to bake without breaking the bank. 

When making our wonderful cupcakes, Rupert took his hand at whisking the mixture. Using the large plastic bowl and the soft, light whisk he was able to really dig in without struggling to move the batter.

Might I add, because they are so light weight and the whisk is easy to bend, they are very easy to clean. 

Once out of the oven we were able to get the cakes out of the tray with ease. The re-usable soft cases allow the cakes to just slide out. The cooling rack allowed us to get the cases out and cool down without damaging the kitchen worktops before decorating. Because the cakes just slid out we didn't have to deal with washing the muffin tray too much, there was minimal cake batter, no stuck paper or grease.

By far I think that the decorating and eating was Rupert's favourite part.

We played out the cooled down cakes with light icing on top, placing decorative-edible stars on the side for Ru to dress up his cakes. He loved putting the stars on the icing and pretty much immediately shoving them into his gob.

The cakes came out of the cakes really easily, again were a breeze to wash up and put away. It also makes such a different being able to reuse the cases over and over without throwing them away or repurchasing.

I know that he doesn't quite have the full appreciation for what he'd achieved but It's so lovely to take part in something we both love and build memories that he'll one day share with his loved ones.

With Wilko we are able to buy all the equipment we need for a great price without compromising on quality. The non-stick muffin dish and large cake pan allow us to bake without adding extra grease, like butter, to the sides. Makes washing up easier and the activity more enjoyable. 

They have such a wide range of baking equipment which is accessible for those within minimal knowledge, children and masters of the art.

We love using the soft whisk the most as it allows Ru to stir the cake mix with such ease. 

Baking is such a special thing to me and now I can share my love with my little boy. It is also something that is now enjoyed by our entire family, mainly because they come home to huge amounts of baked goods to eat, share with their colleagues and friends: creating a whole community around one love of cake.

With the 'Bake Off' buzz in full swing, It's so nice to bring to life what is happening on the TV.

*This blog is sponsored by Wilko and items pictured were gifted in exchange for the review. For more information please see my disclosure.



  1. Absolutely love baking, wish I did more of it. This has inspired me to start baking again. I love the photos, so adorable! Thanks for sharing ����

  2. Ah I never knew wilko had such an amazing baking range! The silicone cases would be perfect for weaning!

    Jodie x

  3. You can’t beat a good old bit of baking! I used to love baking with my nana too! My favourite is her famous chocolate sponge and buttercream cake and my speciality is terrys chocolate orange cupcakes!!

    Katie | www.justkatiee.com XX

  4. These photos are beautiful, and now I want cake :) those silicone cakes look amazing! Xx

  5. Everything here looks so tastyyy!! I’ll be heading over to Wilko to pick up that non stick tray as my cupcakes are forever sticking to the tray!! Didn’t know they have such a wide range when it comes to baking!! And I’ve got to mention your photos are a dream - photography goals as always!! x x

  6. I love baking with my kids! I remember baking as a kid to and our parties being full of homemade cakes!

    I’m also a MASSIVE Wilkos fan and go in there all the time, I’m definitely going to check out the baking stuff! Xx

  7. Gorgeous photos! The cakes look so yummy! I had fond memories baking as a child and will defo do it with my toddler. Love a Wilko bargain too!

  8. I absolutely love baking and it makes life so much easier when your bakeware is easy to clean!
    I also loved baking with my Nan as a child and think that's where my love of baking came from.
    These are beautiful photos too x


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