Monday, September 2, 2019

Treasuring Memories with Astley Clarke

In all of my twenty-three years I've had so many amazing memories. My first day of primary school, Buying my prom dress, Leaving home to move to University, Meeting Harry, Graduating and the best  memory of all...When I gave birth to the love of my life, My baby boy Rupert.

There are so many memories that one person holds and since becoming a mother I hold the memories for myself and Ru. Many may think that my favourite memory of Ru would be his first word or his first steps but to me one of my favourite memories was in fact a simple trip to M&S.

During the first few months I didn't get out of the house much and going on a shopping trip to M&S for a lunch date with my mom was such a lovely thing to do. I was able to have a part of the 'old me' back and share that day with my own mom and my son. Bringing him into our mother-daughter little tradition.

He was just starting to eat so whilst we had our lunches, he chomped on a rusk. It was so lovely.

But there is a reason to me telling you this, I promise.

Astley Clarke kindly gifted me this beautiful locket. The perfect way for me to remember my little chunky baby, that special day and keep it close to my heart every day. 

The locket is a gorgeous gold colour with a compass design on the front. It is a really simple print but something so beautiful and easy to wear every day. It is something so special so being able to pair it with your wardrobe is very important. 

The chain is adjustable so it can be short above the bust area and long making it more stylish for dressing up occasions.

What I love most is that it is so personal to me but to anyone else looking it is just a gorgeous necklace. The engraving on the back has Rupert's name and birthday, tying together a really lovely gift.

The quality of the product is fantastic. It doesn't feel cheap or leave that horrible green skin after when or after wearing it. An item of jewellery that will last the test of time and be treasured forever by me.

So if you're looking for a truly amazing gift that will embrace the heart of the recipient, then look no further. 

*Item's were gifted in exchange for a review, please read my disclaimer page for more info.


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