Sunday, September 22, 2019

We're Having Baby Number Two

Honestly, I shouldn't be writing this right now. I have a long list of Paid AD posts and ideas that I want to want to write about, but haven't got round to making them a fully rounded idea. All I can think about is the fact I am ten weeks pregnant with my second child.

At the age of twenty three, with a one year old boy and having just giving up our first home to live with the in-laws: I didn't expect to be pregnant again.

But we are!

As I write this I am ten weeks and one day pregnant with my second child.

So what's to tell.

I'm so overwhelmed with what I should be saying and what people will want to know.

The Signs

I first had a feeling that I was pregnant when we were on holiday in Crete. I had packed a lot of sanitary products knowing that I was due on my period during our time away, yet nothing was used during the holiday. I was sleeping so much, I was put off a lot by the food in the restaurants and was really sick at the thought of alcohol.

The little signs were there but late periods and being tired wasn't really out of the ordinary for me.

When we returned from our holiday I ventured to our local Co-op and bought a pregnancy test. I took the test on the evening just before dinner and bed time. I remember looking in the mirror after taking the test and before I looked at it I looked at myself as if to say, 'this is the last time you'll see yourself as a mom of one'. I looked at the test and burst into happy tears.

Such a different reaction to my first pregnancy, I felt so happy. Not to say I wasn't happy with my first pregnancy but that was pure shock and what the hell, I'm not good enough to be a mom, I'm jobless and living with my parents.

Whereas now I was happy because I knew I could do it but mostly I was happy to be giving Ru a sibling.

Harry was shocked.

First Trimester

Now onto the first trimester.

As I said I am two weeks pregnant, a quarter of the way there. But my pregnancy so far has been really different to my first.

Maybe because I am so busy with work and Ru that I haven't really had a chance to think about my pregnancy in too much detail. I haven't had as many symptoms this time round.

Last time I suffered with migraines during my first trimester to the point I was bed bound for three to four days a week. But this time around I have only had one that lasted a few hours in the morning.

My symptoms have really been subsided and feel like tiredness is the only one but having a full time job and a one year old, that's just a symptom of my life.

Being pregnant whilst already having a baby means that you can't just concentrate on yourself and that little bundle of joy inside of you. Everything is harder, I often forget to take my pregna-care and have to be reminded whereas when I was pregnant the first time I never forgot.  It's bad but I often forget I am pregnant because there is so much already going on.

Saving From Last Time

I am lucky in the fact that my pregnancy is spanning the same seasons of the year as last time, so my maternity wardrobe doesn't need much adjusting. I am able to wear the same as last time, the big jumpers and then the stretchy maxi dresses when it comes into spring time.

We will be having a baby at a very similar time to when we had Rupert and being the kind of parent who kept the entire wardrobe of her baby up to two years old: I am very happy. All the clothes will be able to be re-warn as the sizes will seasonally match and as we didn't find out the gender with Ru most things are gender neutral. Even though I have no problem dressing a girl in a dinosaur tracksuit and a boy in a pink dress.

This pregnancy feels a lot less stressful because we've done it before and we still have everything from last time from the large pram and car seat to the bouncer chair and play mats. Our spend list is very small compared to the first time.

There are things we want new like dummies and bottles. I will be buying new clothes obviously too but it's so nice to not have the worry of the huge expenses. It's making my pregnancy a happier experience.

Names and Gender

We have thought a lot about the names but we're finding it a little harder than before. We want something that is as equally beautiful and loved as Rupert but we need something that isn't just going to be matchy-matchy, unique in it's own right.

We probably won't find out the gender like last time, we loved the surprise and the guessing game. Although during my final weeks I just wanted to know, It was the most amazing feeling when he was born to be told by my midwife. It made the whole thing so much more special.

So we are again having to come up with a boy and girl name in preparation.

I found names really difficult last time, because I dint want anything common or too unique and most names remind you of someone you already know. We found boys names a lot harder as I don't think they are very nice sounding or pretty. There is always the chance that we don't use the names we picked because we had Archie set for the whole of my pregnancy and when he was born we picked Rupert.

Which I'm happy about because Prince Archie was born on Rupert's first birthday.

Which would have been unfortunate.

So we are having a few names in mind and picking what immediately comes to mind when we meet our baby.

I understand people are confused why we don't want to know the gender. I feel these days everything is overshared and everyone has the right to share what they like, the gender, the name, the due date. But with me, I share so much of my life online I like to have something to myself. Something that's ours.

One thing I hated during my first pregnancy was when we told people the names we liked and they would give a negative thought or opinion on it, there is no need and it makes me feel bad about a name I like.

So what else is there to say now, How happy I am and excited I am to share this. I'm sure i'll do my share of blog updates and Instagram stories.

So here's to a brand new chapter and less sleep again. YAY!



  1. This is such amazing news! Congratulations!
    It’s such a good idea to keep all of your baby things in case you ever have another one, it definitely saves the big expenses like prams and car seats.
    I know lots of people like to find out the gender to be more prepared but I think if I was pregnant I’d be thinking like you, it’s life’s only true surprise and it’d be such a special moment to find out once you’ve given birth x

  2. Congratulations once again Leah, such an exciting time for you all. Amazing that you don't have to spend as much this time due to saving Ru's old stuff, must make it so much easier!

    Lucy | Forever September


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