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A Dining Experience at The Boot Inn | AD

There aren't very many occasions where you are made to feel like royalty, okay, maybe royalty is a stretch to far. But it is very rare that you go out to dinner and feel as though you are no trouble at all, that no request is too much.

Last month Harry and I were kindly invited to the press evening of The Boot Inn in Studley. We snapped up the opportunity to see the newly refurbished restaurant, we live very local to the area and Harry had been before with great reviews.

As parents to a toddler, you can expect that date nights are very far and few between. We never really have time to ourselves and within that time going out to experience fine dining isn't usually an option.

On arrival the staff were very friendly and welcoming, you can usually expect this on a press evening: however it was lovely be introduced to the managers as well as the pr contacts. We were giving information about the venue, the evening and told that nothing would be too much. This is such a lovely feeling as press evenings can be a little scary, even when you do it a lot. They really hit that fine line between giving us all the info we needed without hounding us too much.

The venue itself was beautiful, the wooden cosy cottage effect gave a lovely warm atmosphere that was really warming on a cold October evening. The venue has multiple smaller cut off areas where groups can meet up and dine away from the busy restaurant. These would be great for occasions and celebrations.

The smaller rooms were filled with oak style furniture and log fires.

The bar area had been transformed so there is an area to just sit, drink and relax.

We were seated in the gorgeous dining area, handed our menus and given time to look over the menus. Our wonderful waitress was so attentive, telling us the specials and making sure all our dietary needs were fitted to. Luckily, we don't have any except the fact I am pregnant which just means all the cocktail tasting was left down to Harry.

The menu was incredibly diverse without being too much. With plenty of vegan and vegetarian options and a great mix between adventurous foods and classic dishes. 

We were instantly drawn to the sharing platters and starters. It was really hard to pick just one dish, so between the two of us we ordered two sharing platters and two starters. 


Sticky pig sharing board.

Copper means scotch egg and golden beetroot piccalilli, sausage roll and brown sauce topped with seeds, pork belly on smoky creamed corn, crispy pig cheeks, apple sauce and crackling.

Freshly stonebaked garlic, mozzarella and rocket pizzette.

Panko crusted fried brie.

Tempura squid preserved lemon aioli and furikake.

The Sticky pig sharing board is the perfect sharing platter. The scotch egg was beautifully cooked with a thick runny yolk in the middle. The meat was seasoned perfectly. The sausage roll was just amazing, you'd think you can't reinvent it and they just perfected a British classic.

The pork belly was cooked to perfection without being too crispy or too fatty.

The pig cheeks were gorgeous and the crackling has to be the best I've ever had. 

Honestly would recommend this to anyone who is lucky enough to visit.

The Freshly stone baked garlic, mozzarella and rocket pizzette is a lovely twist on a garlic bread. The soft dough was complimented by the sprinkling of cheese and garlic base. 

The Panko fried brie, was stunning. The Brie wasn't too strong or overwhelming. The perfect start to a big meal as it was really light.

Harry said the Tempua squid was lovely, I'm not a seafood fan. It was matched perfectly to the lemon aioli.

For the mains I decided to stick to a classic burger, if a restaurant can do a burger right then you know it's good. Harry opted for something a bit more adventurous.


Dirty cheeseburger.

In a sesame seeded bun, with lettuce, tomato and pickle, crispy bacon, lashings of cheese and burger sauce, skinny fries and beef dripping dip.

Four bone lamb rack.

With chorizo, butternut puree, roasted shallots, cavolo Nero, dauphinoise potatoes, chilli churros and red wine jus.

When I say that it was the best burger I've ever had in my life, I do not like. It was beautifully juicy with crispy bacon and the cheese sauce was to die for. All the flavours perfectly intertwined to give a taste explosion that literally melted in my mouth.

Harry really enjoyed the lamb, literally licking the bones after the meal. It was a simple classic given a wonderful twist with the use of chorizo and red wine jus. 

To finish:

Caramel creme brulee.

Home-baked chocolate brownie.

Again I went with a classic with the brulee, I've tasted many in my time and I can always tell a good food spot by how well they can do a brulee. It was creamy, beautifully cooked and the sugar topping was to die for. With that perfect crack.

The brownie was rich, gooey and everything you want from a sweet treat. It was large in size, big enough for two to share.


As I said before, i wasn't able to put the alcoholic to the test. Harry however, decided he wanted to have a taste of the entire menu. The cocktail list was very extensive from vodkas, gins, whiskeys and rum: he said that it was all delightful. They even had their own gin making station where you can customise your own Gin with spices, fruits and herbs. 

I did taste a mocktail, it was one of the nicest I've had but there isn't much you can do with a non-alcoholic fruit juice.

The overall evening was fantastic. Everything from the staff to the food, the decor to the drinks. If you ever get the chance to visit, please do. For a luxury dining experience without the expensive price tag.

This blog was in collaboration with The Boot Inn, for more information please visit my disclaimer page. 


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  1. This meal looks AMAZING, wow.
    I think I'm going to have to visit, that brownie is definitely calling my name.
    The cocktails look great too. Hope you had a great evening x


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