Thursday, October 24, 2019

Dipping Into The Perfect Tapas At Rico Libre | Gifted

Tapas isn't something I gravitate to, I am an extreme picky eater. I don't like most meats, sea food, vegetables and most flavourings: think of a toddlers taste palette, well that's me.

So you're probably thinking I hated going to a tapas bar. But no i really, really enjoyed the experience: I don't get the opportunity to try new foods and am often very scared to do so. Going to a tapas bar I was able to order my safe foods like garlic bread and new foods to try and enjoy like the meatballs. 

On immediate arrival the staff were lovely and welcoming, the restaurant was small but not cramped: with plenty of room for large parties, smaller groups and duos. 

The wooden tables are wooden and rustic with metal chairs, the feel of the room was very minimalistic but gave the feel of being abroad and dining in the sun.

The menu had something for everyone, including picky eater old me. Between the two of us we ordered 8 dishes that we part shared. By part shared I mean Harry kept anything sea food related as I don't enjoy sea food. 

The food came out relatively at the same time, this wasn't an issue as everything came out hot and fresh. The first few dishes came out after around ten minutes which was fantastic. The food steadily came through which gave our evening a bit more excitement, with new things coming through.

Chicken wings: on a bed of sweet onion and olives with aioli. 

The chicken wings were large, with plenty of meat and enough in the one dish for two. A great sharing dish.

Baked Camembert, served with croutons.

You can't go wrong with cheese, it was cooked to perfection. Again a perfect sharing dish, but I don't share cheese...I ate it all.

Albondigas Jardinera, meatballs in a smoky tomato sauce.

As I've said before I am really picky when it comes to meat but the meatballs were soft and tender, the chorizo chunks were a beautiful addition.

Pork belly.

The pork belly was beautifully cooked, not overly fatty and a lovely addition to the meal.

Seafood linguine. 

I didn't try this particular dish, but Harry said it was lovely. The mussles were cooked to perfection and would love to see it in a bigger main portion size.

We tried multiple different dishes, including the most incredible garlic flatbread and scallops. But not only did they have the best seafood and meat dishes but they had a huge range of vegetarian and vegan dishes. 

Rico Libre has recently moved to the Custard Factory in Birmingham, meaning you can have a full day and night of entertainment, food and fun in one place. Highly recommend for locals and visitors.

And finally, desert. Because there is always room for pudding when it comes to eating out. A classic creme brulee and passionfruit chocolate cup for the both of us. They were gorgeous and a sweet and to a wonderful evening.

This post wasn't sponsored but the meal was gifted in exchange for social content. To see my full disclosure, go to my disclosure page above. 


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