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Christmas Gift Guide for Her

For all those people out their battling with a 'I don't want anything' or a 'I don't know what I want', this guide is for you. I think that even though there is a huge variety of things you can buy a woman, they are extremely hard to buy for. There is so much to choose from.

When it comes to buying for women, there can be a lot to pick from. There are so many companies that provide personalised gifts, unique presents and imaginative creations. 

If you look, you can find something that is the perfect fit for the important lady in your life. 


You're probably thinking, YAWN, Jewellery can be such a boring and over done gift at christmas. But when done right it can be a beautiful and sentimental gift. 

Bloom Boutique are a wonderful company that have a huge variety of gifts that can all be tailored and adapted for your needs. In the past I have been recieved presents from Bloom Boutique from my family members and loved ones, each time I have treasured the gifts, so it was a no brainer for me to include them.

My favourites have to be their necklaces. Whether you're buying for your best friend, your mom or your grandma: these necklaces are perfection.

The Initial and Birthstone Personalised Necklace is a simple gift that can be personal to the person you're giving the present to or someone that means a lot to them. 

With a choice of silver or rose gold chain and pendant, any initial you require and a choice of birthstone. The mixing of the birth stone and initial is a beautiful mix for me, if I was to make one for a gift I would have the initial linked to the person I'm gifting and the birthstone linked to a moment that is special for them. A birthstone doesn't always have to represent a birth, but can link a moment in time or a significant moment. This would be a great present to remember a loved one.

I love gifts that speak one thing to the person it belongs to and another to the outside world. 

The Eden Message For Me Personalised Necklace, is perfect if you want to give a much larger message of love on your gift. One of my Grandad's favourite song was 'Always look on the bright side of life', not only is it a personal song to me but it is a beautiful message. For my family this would be a perfect line to engrave on a gift. My nan especially would love this.

The pendant can have whatever message you want, from a song, 'I Love You', 'Will You Marry Me', or something as simple as 'mom'.

Bloom Boutique gifts come in the most amazing gift box that can used over and over again to keep that gift safe. The brand go to very little detail to make each gifting experience with them, a moment in itself to hold forever.

Other Bloom Boutique Items I Love:


Okay, okay, usually such a massive task at Christmas. Giving out Christmas cards can become such a boring thing to tick off the to-do list. But with brands such as Lucy and Lolly you can have some serious fun gifting cards and the person you're gifting will have a lasting gift too.

Lucy and Lolly are a fantastic brand that provide hand crafted Christmas cards with a twist. Each card contains a plantable bean and instructions on how to nurture your seed into a beautiful plant. Not only would this be a great addition for a grandparent but a small child too. I love the idea of giving someone this card and them being able to plant it and nurture it throughout the seasons, what a fabulous gift for the beginning of a relationship or the anniversary of a loss. 

If it couldn't get any more cute, the message on your bean 'Merry Christmas' continues to stay on your bean as it grows. 


Nothing says 'I Love You' like gifting someone some peace, quiet and time to themselves. I love receiving pamper items at Christmas because not only do you have a chance to treat yourself but it encourages you to take more 'Me' time. 

During the winter months people tend to neglect their skin, the cold can really damage your skin and hair. So giving someone some indulgence is a lovely gift to give. 

As the years have gone on more and more products and brands have appeared, there is literally something for every age, gender, skin type, ethnicity and ability. 

Lush is the ultimate go-to brand when it comes to pampering. Not only are they amazing at Christmas but they are incredibly ethical, from the way they make their products to the way they wrap them. 

If you aren't sure what to get your loved one from Lush, there is always someone in the store at hand ready to help you find the perfect products. From huge gift bundles to individual items, makeup and now even some stores have their own spa's. 

My favourite products at Christmas have to be from their Snow Fairy collection. It is such a festive smell. 

But again, the best thing about Lush is that you can use their products knowing you aren't damaging your body, ethical products are being used and everything is being done to reduce plastic. Not just a great gift if you have an enviromentally conscious friend, a vegan parent or a veggie partner. A guilt free gift, is good all round. 

My favourite Lush Christmas products:

Feather and Down is a wonderful gift or stocking filler for anyone who needs help with their sleep or could do with a little more down time. 

They have a wonderful range of products, accessories and sleep advice to help anyone get a better nights sleep. I think this is a wonderful, universal, gift that would be a great addition to start off the new year. 

Feather and Down uses natural essential oils to help you nod off into a natural and happy slumber, taking the edge and stress off sleeping. Not only is it all products and sprays but they have a range of candels, bath salts and advice: so it isn't just a gift but real life lasting help.

Other products that I love from Feather and Down:

Footner Exfoliating Socks are a real trendy stocking filler that will have your loved one jumping for joy. This may be the kind of gift that has people wondering what you think about them but footmasks and peels are really trendy at the moment. Something that isn't just for those with dry feet but for anyone who wants to have a little extra pamper. This would be a great gift for someone who is going away, but honestly I think it's a lovely stocking filler or pamper kit addition. Because who doesn't want soft feet?

The exfoliating socks are worn for 60 minutes and then continuously peal over a few days, getting rid of the bad and dry skin: leaving smooth and glowing skin underneath.

Speaking of relaxing Starry Eyes Heated Eye Masks are a lovely addition to your Christmas gifting. The masks themselves heat up as you wear them, giving a truly soothing and relaxing experience. They aren't just a sleep aid but great for those who like, or need, to take time out during the day, suffer with headaches or even like to treat themselves. I have really enjoyed these over the past few months and highly reccomend. 

Other pamper products that would be great to gift:

The gift of a Candle is always appreciated in the winter months. Giving the gift of warmth, comfort and a beautiful smelling house. 

Funky Chunky Furniture  is a great brand for gorgeous and trustworthy furniture, but for those wanting a lovely festive stocking filler look at their accessories. They have a great selection of ceramics, cushions, Copper Metalwork and furniture. 

They have a great selection of winter warming candles, smells that surpass just being Christmas but being a winter favourite to last the months after. 

Funky Furniture Favourites:

Copper Christmas Tree, £75.

Coffee table with shelf, £140.

Organisation for 2020:

There is a reason why planners and calendars are always such a big hit for Christmas gifting. Helping someone feel organised and prepared for the year ahead is a lovely idea. If you know someone who is a always busy, has an exciting year ahead or is's a nice present to help them into 2020.

Boxclever Press are a fantastic company that provide a range of different organisational products to make your life run a bit easier. From Diaries to Wall Planners, Organisers to Calendars, they have something for everyone. 

I am besotted by my family planner, it has so many areas for me go keep onto of myself, my work, pregnancy appointments, my toddler and family plans. 

With a weekly planner that gives me divided areas for my busy life, easy to pull out shopping lists, stickers, a Christmas planning section and even a monthly budget planner for all the boring Bill's. 

Not only is it a real life saver but it is well put together and a stylish addition to your day. 

From students, parents, partners and grandparents: everyone has a need for a gift like this and being able to give a glamorous version is fantastic. Because being organised doesn't have to be ugly and dull.

Other Boxpress Products that I Love for gifting:

Here are some other great gifts for her to keep you Inspired:

Women's nightwear:

Brown bear Dressing gown, £24.



Look Fantastic

Subscription services for her:

Glossy box, £8.50 a month.

Bookfulness, £16.67.

Papergang, £12.

Bloom and Wild, £20 onwards a month.

Items in this guide have been gifted in exchange for a feature. See my disclaimer for more info.

I am happy to add to this guide with more suggestions.

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