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Christmas Gift Guide for Him

Before you say 'it's too early for Christmas' you're wrong! 
It is officially November, which means it is okay to get that Christmas playlist out, write your list and get yourself organised. I find it best to do all my shopping earlier on, it gives you time for last minute gifts and time to actually enjoy the season.

Men are so difficult to buy for. They either already own it, don't want anything or it is completely out of budget. So I've put together a guide of what to buy for the guys in your life. 

 Shaving can be such a boring present for a man. It is such an everyday item for most men, that a lot of people don't think it is a cool enough gift. But there is so much happiness that can come with a gift that is both fun and is useful.

Cornerstone is a really amazing company that supply a gift box full of luxury shaving products. So your man can forget the crappy overused shaver and cheap products and opt for something way better. From the gorgeous silver shaver and changeable blades, to the shave gel, blade covers, shave balm and face scrub.

It all comes in a compact box, with everything together. The box itself is really sturdy and easily reusable. The shaver is usable with thr blades themselves changeable and adaptable.

If you're looking for a gift for a man that likes to keep himself groomed and in check then these are amazing gifts:

Kiehl's Starter Kit Gift Set, £39.50.

Clinique for Men, Starter Kit, £12.

Mankind Grooming Box: The Apothecary Collection worth over £239, £55.

ManCave Original Skincare Set, £16.

 Socks. The present that is dreaded by most guys. It's a gift that will be practical but not exciting in the least. But again something that can be a great cheap, quirky and a great gift. Again you can't go wrong with a practical gift.

Sparks and Daughters are a brand that create a bunch of personalised gifts: from jumpers to socks and everything in between.

I really love the idea of having socks personalised for a family member. The 'Me and my Little Bear' socks are really cute and can cut as a really great gift from a child to their dad, uncle, grandfather etc.

Some more ideas for gifts from kids:

Personalised Daddy Book from NotonTheHighstreet, £22.

Personalised Whiskey Glass from, Keep it Personal, £12.99.

Dad's Personalised Retro Sweet Jar from Personalised Gifts, £5.45.

But may I add you can never go wrong with a £1 canvas, paint and your child making their own drawing for a gift.

Buying a nice watch for him can be the best gift ever. A nice watch can be worn every day or for special occasions, passed down through the generations and can hold such amazing memories between two people. 

MVMT are a gorgeous watch company that supply a huge range of watches for both him and her. They come with additional links, making the perfect fit easier to achieve. They are both stunning and sturdy. They come in a bulky box that is the perfect holder for your special watch, to keep it as beautiful as you can for a long time. 

If you're looking for something that will continue to make memories and last a long time then subscriptions and gift cards are a great gift. With Tastecard you pay a small monthly fee and then get amazing discounts and codes across hundreds of restaurants, venues and locations. This is great if your looking to go out more, spend more time together and allow him to have a gift that will continue to give throughout time. 

I love the Tastecard because pretty much after using it once you've gotten your money back. The monthly pay is only a few pounds a month and most of the discounts are two for one or 40% off etc. 

There is pretty much a subscription service for everything these days. If you want to get your guy a Netlix subscription which you pay for each month or want a new fragrance to their door. They are the best kinds of gifts. 

Here are some cool subscriptions that are available in the UK:

Sniph is a service that sends a new fragrance to your door. £14 a month.

Wax and Stamp sends two 12" records, one vinyl and one EP. £30 a month.

Cannon and Cannon food subscription sends ready to eat artisanal meat purveyors. Upgrading your pantry with cured meats and new foods.  From £24.99 a month.

Paxton and Whitfield bronze cheese subscription. From £120 for three months. 

The Cocktail Man, for the man who likes to experiment with cocktails but lacks inspiration. £107.50 for 12 months.

The Spicery. New easy to follow recipes inspired by different regions around the world. From £26.

Oddballs, boxers and socks. From £9.99 a month.

Perky Blenders, blend of the month coffee. From £6.50.

Flaming Licks, for those who love spice. £17.99 per month.

Pasta Evangelists pasta. £13.90 per week.

I know, I know this says 'Happy Fathers day'. It was something I was gifted for Harry at the beginning of the year but I really wanted to feature it because it has been so handy all year long. 

This personalised bag from PrezzyBox is the perfect accessory for travelling. We have done a fair bit this year and each time Harry has been able to pack all of this weekly products in and even some of mine. It is easy to keep a hold of, packs a lot in and when travelling there is always a bonus to having your name on your belongings. 

PrezzyBox is a really great website if you're really stuck on a gift for someone.  They have a really good variety of quirky, practical and standard gift items. They can be personalised or kept simple, a great place if you're looking to buy multiple gifts in one place. 

Here are some of my for men favourites from PrezzyBox:

Lumie bodyclock is a great gift for anyone. If you have someone who struggles to get a good sleep, finds it hard to relax or want to start giving themselves some more TLC. 

The Lumie light is a wonderful device that can be adapted and changed to each person's needs. The general job of the Lumie Light is create a sunset and sunrise experience with soothing sounds and light to allow someone to go into a natural and better sleep. You can adjust the light to be really bright or a subtle glow or anything in between, change the timing of how long the light goes down and comes up, the sounds you go to sleep to and awaken to. The options are massive and there is something for each individual: personally I love going to sleep listening to the sound of thunder and rain and waking to the sound of blackbirds. However there are options for waves, trains, safari and many many more. Perfect for those of all ages. 

So there concludes this years Gift Guide for Him, I hope this has helped spark some imagination for the christmas gifting period. Let me know in the comments below on any other ideas, I'm happy to keep adding on.

Items in this guide were gifted in exchange for an honest review and feature in the guide. All my opinions are my own and I would never promote a product that I didn't think was safe or fitting to the guide. Please see my disclaimer for more information.


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