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Christmas Gift Guide For Pregnant and New Moms.

So this guide is probably a little out of the 'norm' but something I am totally passionate about. During my first pregnancy I had a Christmas, Birthday and Mother's Day, which were all spent pretty much being disappointed and upset at the gifts. I know, I know, It's not all about the gifts but when you're hormonal, feel the size of a house and really don't feel like yourself anymore: It's nice to be spoilt.

Flowers, chocolates, non alcoholic wine and gifts for the baby...the small list of things that I received when I was pregnant. The worst was gifts for the baby, It's really understandable but really annoying too. At Christmas I received two small gifts for myself and bags full of things for the baby, whilst my partner (the baby's dad) received gifts for him. It made me feel like I wasn't a person anymore, I was just the thing carrying the baby, who was more important than me.

So when you're buying for a pregnant mom or new mom, it's important to think about the woman and not the baby. Make her feel special. 

Anything to make her life easier, better or make her feel special: even if it is for a few minutes. 


Pregnant and New moms can find it really hard to dress up and feel glamorous. Jewellery is a great way to make them nice. We Love Mummy is a fantastic brand that incorporates the new life you take on as a parent and feeling like the old you.

This beautiful Ball Pregnancy Necklace conbines fashion with the bonding process. Not only is it a beautiful necklace that can be worn with every outfit but it makes Mom feel incredible and give a gift that makes her feel better in her new role as a mom whilst giving her a gift for herself not baby. Within the ball of the necklace is a chime, when worn and hung over the bump is a gentle soft sound for baby to hear. Then when shaken around your born baby acts as a reminder of love, safety and protection.

Other We Love Mummy gifts that are perfect:

New Mum Milestones:

I don't think I have fallen in love with a product so quick as when I first saw these funny Milestone cards. Any mom-to-be will have been given baby milestone cards. These commemerate all the special moments your baby will go through in their first few years: from their first month to their twelfth, their first steps to their first solid food. 

These amazing New Mum Milestone cards from Adulting Cards are a fun gift for your pregnant or new mum to enjoy and celebrate. From cards that celebrate giving birth, bringing your baby home, your first solo parenting day to the less exciting events such as tackling a 'Poo-nami' for the first time. 

 A great way to celebrate Mom's achievements through such an amazing time.

Other funny gifts:

After the first born:

Being a parent to one child is so special. Being pregnant with your second, third or twelfth can be exciting yet daunting. You have this added extra worry of 'Will my child/ren feel left out?' 'Will they think I have replaced them?' and a plethoras of other guilty fears. Including your child/ren in the preparation for the new baby is something that can be extremely comforting. It gets them involved and feeling like the new arrival is going to be a good thing. 

Let's Talk To Mummy's Tummy  By Helen Lacey is a beautiful gift for anyone expecting a new baby but already has kids. During my second pregnancy I have found extreme comfort in this book, I read it to my first born and it allows me to feel like I am involving him in the process. Not only am I growing a baby but a sibling. 

The book allows your little one/s to grow with your baby. Week by week it explains to them how your bump is developing, growing and what you can both do to prepare for the arrival. It explains, in a way they will understand, the changes that will happen when the baby arrives and how good it will be for the entire family. Details such as sharing Mummy, helping them pick the name, choosing a teddy and involving them in the purchases and set up.

This is a lovely gift for any pregnant mom because it helps settle their growing (and unnecessary) mum guilt, allows them to build the special bond between her siblings to be and make her pregnancy much more enjoyable. 

Things to Remember:

Being pregnant is such a special time, for both mother and baby. The first few years are incredible, full of happiness, exhaustion and probably crying (from mom too, not just baby). 

But it is so hard to keep track of everything. I can barely remember the first two months of my first born because I was so tired all the time. It makes me sad that the most important part of my life, has hardly any memories. 

Wektangle is a lovely company that brings all your memories together in one place. Somewhere for you to fill out your favourite memories, insert pictures and then look back on the most amazing moments of your life. 

This is a fabulous gift for a mom-to-be as it will allow her to have some alone time to fill it in, really reflect on the good moments of her journey and then in years to come she can look back on the incredible journey. 

Comfort is Key:

Okay, this one may need a little explication. 

Imagine: having a newborn that won't be put down, that you just want to snuggle. Now imagine, having that baby in your arms for hours on end and the absolute pain you get in your arms from not being able to put the baby down. 

This was a common thing when I had my first baby, Muttering the words 'Can you please put a pillow under my arm' was the most common phrase to come out my mouth. 

Snuggleband combines all these things together to give ultimate comfort for mom and baby. Allowing her to enjoy those newborn or even toddler snuggles without the arm ache. The Snuggleband wraps around your arm to create comfort and support for your arm and babies head. 

This is something I would have loved with my first born and cannot wait to use with my second.

Other comfort gifts for Pregnant/ New Mums:

There are some more fabulous gifts for pregnant/ new moms over on my Gift Guide for Her, which are very relevant (didn't want to repeat myself by including them). This guide includes gifted items but all my opinions are my own, please see my disclaimer for more information.


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