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Christmas Gift Guide for Toddlers and Young Children.

There seems to be more and more choice when you're trying to buy for a young child these days. From LOL to Paw Patrol, Peppa Pig to Hey Duggee: but if your little one is anything like my niece and nephew, what they like one day isn't necessarily what they'll like next week.

So what do you buy for the kid that changes its mind so quickly?

In my day (gosh I sound old), you would be happy with a colouring book and some smelly gel pens. But there is just so much on offer these days and it can be so hard to buy for a young child, especially if you're unsure of what they're interested in. I've put this guide together mainly because I know how hard it can be to buy for children. This is my pick of the best presents to get for a young child that will be loved by all. No need to worry if your child still likes Paw Patrol after a few weeks or if they will love the gift only to hate it come Easter. 


Clothes can be a really boring gift for a child at Christmas, all they want is something to play with and clothes just don't often cut it. 

However, these days there are some really amazing brands that provide customised clothing and accessories to get your little one feeling glammed up and special not only at Christmas, but all year round. 

Daisy Chain Denim is a wonderful small independent brand that provides personalised denim jackets and dungarees. You can pick the size, personalisation, text and style. I loved making this jacket online for my little boy, the stylish writing and glitter is the perfect addition to his otherwise boring wardrobe. 

This would be a wonderful gift for a young child that loves to feel special when dressing up. By buying this item too you're supporting a small family during Christmas, both sides gaining something amazing. 


As children get older books take on a whole new life. They go from being a great source of sensory and colours but a whole new world of adventure. Books are lovely for a main gift or a a stocking filler.

Hooray Heroes  is a great company that combines the wonder of Christmas with the fun of personalisation. Not only can you personalise the name on the front of the book but you can make your own character, pick the stories that go inside the book and even insert the character into the illustrations. You can even personalise the book for siblings, something for them to share and enjoy together.

The book is full of lovely stories from tales of Santa to stories of the Rudolf. Perfect for little ones who are just discovering books but also for those who are really into their reading. We treasure ours and can't wait to get it out year after year. 

Make Believe Ideas is a great little site that sells a huge variety of books for a range of different ages and abilities. The 'Never Touch A' book series is hugely loved by us as a family because it combines so many wonderful aspects such as easy to learn rhyming, colourful animals and make believe creatures, touch and feel materials for sensory and funny stories.

Similar books to buy this Christmas:

Funky Laser:

If you're looking to start the celebrations early then Funky Laser is a wonderful company for all your personalisation needs. From tree decorations to Christmas Eve boxes to beautiful mugs. 

Having cost nights in during the festive season is one of my favourite things to do. Get a festive film on, grab some snacks and pour yourself a very large hot chocolate. The personalised mugs are so lovely when you want to involve your little ones in the fun. The lovely little illustrations are so unique and the adding of the name gives a wonderful little extra. This would be great if you have multiple children and wanted each of the kids to have their own little special cup for cosy nights in. This would be wonderful in a Christmas Eve Box. 

 The mug is very lightweight too so no need to worry about your child not being able to hold it themselves. 

The brand put a lot of love into each item and it's very clear to see with the beautiful creations they have. 

Other Funky Laser gifts:

Dough Animal:

As much as parents hate it, children seem to love  play doh. Dough Animal are a lovely little independent store that provide Play Doh in a variety of different colours, including glitter shades. They not only provide play doh but rollers with engravings to make animal print patterns and rollers to make animal scale Imprints. 

Great for not only kids that like play doh but allows them to learn about animal imprints and patterns. Plus, again, you're supporting a smaller business rather than just the larger play doh brand. 

Grouty's Guide:

The run up to Christmas can very often be a lot more fun than the day itself. From the glorious markets to the chocolate in your calendar every morning. 

Grouty's Guide is a lovely independent run business that provides an advent calendar with a twist. For each day of the month you get a letter from an Elf, this is great for young children who have a good understanding of Christmas and like the whole idea of Elves and Santa etc... This is a really cute personalised gift that brings the magic of Christmas to life every day. Each card is designed in a creative and festive style. This will really get your little one excited in the run up to Christmas and works great alongside any other calendars you have or as an alternative.


Toys are a huge part of Christmas! But you don't have to go with the latest trend. Baby Shark has been extremely popular this past year and pretty much every human on the planet knows not only the words but the dance too. This wonderful toy incorporates the world of Baby Shark with the wonders of water play. Great for any kid that likes a bath or play with water. The Baby Shark Sing and Swim Bath Toy when put in water, swims along through the water and plays the song on repeat. Might not be the best for the parent but kids are sure to love it. 

Sing along or motorised toys are a wonderful gift for your little one: they provide hours of endless fun, especially when it's their favourite song or character.

Other similar gifts:

Craft Gifts:

Kids love to make things. Anything they can get their creative little minds into, they love. The SMART Gummy Bear Candy Machine is a great gift for a young child. They can combine their need to create with their love of sweets. The machine is a great exercise for both adult and child to get involved in, the silicone casing is easy to use and the moulds make loads of different shapes for your yummy projects. It even comes with an extra large bear case for those looking for a bigger treat to indulge in.

Other craft gifts:


The best time of the year to buy some new pjs and cosy around waiting for Santa to arrive. Like I said the run up to Christmas can be more exciting than the actual day. Buying new pjs is something you can do to get your little one prepared for big mans arrival.

Yaffifashion are a lovely brand that provide unique and classic pjs for not only the individual but for the whole family. Name a better way to embarrass your kid this holiday but with matching family pjs?

Christmas sets for your little one:

Thank you for reading this gift guide, if there are any more ideas you think I should add then feel free to leave them in the comments. 

This post includes gifted items, but all my views are my own. See my disclaimer for more info.



  1. Personalised items are so cute! Love the book x

  2. That personalised jacket is the cutest thing I've ever seen!!! You should get one yourself & twin with him omg x

  3. There's some fab ideas here, I'm definitely going to be taking lots of inspo! x

    Gemma Louise

  4. Oh that mug is super cute! I was shopping for a 5 year old the weekend, I went with a Frozen 2 Dressing Gown in the end, I want one for myself now..

    Amy x
    The July Rose


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