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Christmas Gift Guide For Under Ones.

The first Christmas is always so special. They may not understand the festivities, may not be able to unwrap the presents or sing along to the carols: but it is a truly joyous time of year especially when you have a new baby involved. But what do you buy for an under one? They can't ride a bike or use a tablet. Here is my suggestions for the best gifts for an under one this Christmas.

There are really two routes you can go down with buying for an under one: something they can use now and is practical or something that they can use over the next year as they grow up. 

Last year for my sons first Christmas we were gifted so many presents that he wasn't able to play with, at the time it confused me but as the year went on they were amazing. We didn't have to keep buying toys to replace the ones he'd outgrown, we would just pull out the presents from Christmas. 


Small teddies and rattles are the perfect present for an under one, especially if you don't fancy spending a fortune. They are very easy to buy and find, they can give hours of amusement to under ones and are very important in their early development. Toys like this can help an under one, more so under 6 month old, get to grips with their hand-eye co-ordination, teach them about textures and gives them something to focus on.

You'll also find these are quite timeless and classic. We have toys like this that we were gifted for our first born that are still in amazing condition, waiting for our second. 

Small Baby Teddies:

Fox in The Attic:

Finding unique, smaller brands is something I really love doing. Especially when you have a little one, you find that so much of what they need can be ugly, take up space and is only good for one thing. Fox in The Attic is a great brand as they combine gorgeous patterns with simple toys and practical items. The Acorn Rattle is one of my favourite things in our nursery, it is so cute! Not only does it give a sense of nature and personality to the nursery but is a fun, safe toy for my little one to use. The soft Acron Rattle has a small rattle inside, so when moved or shook gives a musical jingle. Simple, but amazing enjoyment for a baby.

This company also have a beautiful range of muslin and swaddle cloths, a necessity for any parent. When my son was very small I would go through hundreds of these a week, they took over my machine machine. I hated them because they were so ugly. Fox in The Attic have a range of different patterns and styles which is a lovely extra gift that is both practical and lovely to look at. If you didn't want to use them to mop up sick or snot, they work very well as swaddle blankets.

Other items from their shop:

Small shop brands:

Toys with Age:

What I mean by 'toys with age' is a toy that will give the child something new as they grow up. This gorgeous Peter Rabbit xylophone was a present given to my son last christmas. He was only 8 months old at the time and was drawn to the colours, feel of the tiles and holding the drum sticks. He wasn't able to put the stick to the instrument and make the music but enjoyed using his fingers to explore and loved listening to me play with it. 

However, now that he is 18 months old, he loves playing this toy by himself. It is a toy that he was able to explore when he first got it and now, but in a completely different way. I also find that musical gifts build a love for not just music but creativity.

Similar toys:

Older Toys:

As I've said before, sometimes it's nice to gift a small baby something that they can use later on in the year or life. I'm not saying go out and buy them an Xbox or a car, but buying them a toy that maybe can be appreciated as they grow up. 

Last Christmas my son was gifted this musical Fisher Price Bright Beats Dance and Move it is what it says. It is a moving, dancing, singing and talking robot that uses light, movement and sound to encourage your little one to get up and move. This is a gift that we didn't use for a few months after Christmas and came into more use once Rupert was standing and walking. Prior to that he liked to watch it because of the bright colours but it's full use didn't take hold until he was older. Babies grow up so fast so although we didn't use this gift when he was 8 months old at Christmas, it came into so much use during the summer when he was a little older. 

Ru now loves to dance along to the little robot and copy the instructions it gives, such as jump and spin around. 

I would highly recommend this toy for anyone getting a gift for an under one, it really is a God send for me as a parent too as it occupies Rupert for long periods of time. 

Similar toys:


Unless you have a bionic child, then an under one can't read a book. But these are wonderful gifts as these days you can get some brilliant sensory books, that encourage touching and feeling new textures. Then as they get older they can enjoy the words and stories within the books.

My son had always been a huge fan of the 'Never Touch A' and 'That's Not My' books as each page has a new texture and now that he is older and is able to tell me what he can see on the page. 


For any kid under the age of two, teething can be a really big issue. Finding new ways to keep them from dribbling all over themselves and keep their gums busy, can be hard. 

Cheeky Chompers is a wonderful company that provides a variety of baby products, from teethers to blankets. My favourite is their teething bib, it provides something for the little one to chew on and catches all that pesky dribble. It is really absorbent, so you're not having to change it over every few minutes. They have some really gorgeous patterns, so you can match your little ones outfit up with style. This red star print has to be my favourite for the Christmas season.

It may be a practical gift for an under one this Christmas but it will be of great help to both baby and parent. Quality teethers are hard to come by, but Cheeky Chompers make the highest quality by far.

More Cheeky Chompers products to choose from:

Comfort Chew Two Pack, £30.

The Cheeky Starter Gift Box, £50.

Cheeky Blanket, £29.99.

Under ones can be hard to buy for, you end up buying them something they'll never use or won't use for a while. To avoid buying something that someone else may have gotten them you can make a gift, give them something they can create like a painting or shop from an independent store. I'd suggest asking the parents if they'd like something specific, if they want money or if there is a gift a few people can group together to buy. Trust me it's a huge help.

Other gift ideas:

Water Play Mat, £7.99.

Jelly cat Vegtables, £8.99

Personalised Peter Rabbit Book Set, £39.99

Push Along Walker, £32.99.

John Lewis Wooden Walker, £45.

Items in this post were gifted in exchange for a feature, but my opinions are my own. See my disclosure for more information. If you have any ideas of great under ones gifts, I am happy to update the guide.


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