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The Perfect Christmas Dinner with Lakeland | AD

Christmas is the most magical day of the year. A day where all your loved ones gather to celebrate love, happiness and best of The run up to the day is always filled with so much hesitation, stress and exhaustion. From shopping for gifts to battling the markets. But for one day, just one day everything stops. The shops are shut, the rush stops and everyone sits round the table for a meal cooked with love.

For me Christmas dinner is a really wonderful time. It is probably the only day during the whole year where my entire family is sat down at one table. We laugh at the fact my sister can't understand the simple cracker joke, take turns to put together my niece's latest toy from Santa and enjoy the food. 

From the Chocolate Orange I consume at breakfast to the Turkey sandwich at dinner, the day is none stop filled with eating. 

In recent years I have joined the 'Cooking Team', in simpler terms: I am now in charge of helping my mom cook the three course dinner for the five thousand. 

Becoming a parent has completely changed how I view Christmas Day. It has gone from a really relaxing day to a running round with a black bin bag collecting loose wrapping paper, constantly looking at the clock for the roast timings and organising who sits where at the table. 

As much as I love the food: the huge pile of washing up makes it such an exhausting and chore filled day.

Using old rusty pots, the 'used to be' non-stick pans and tiny roasting trays just doesn't cut it anymore. Having strong, reliable equipment that helps you cook everything in one go that also fits in one dishwasher load is great with me.

 Lakeland have a wonderful collection of everything you need to make Christmas easy and stress free. From sturdy large roasting trays, wide Yorkshire pudding dishes and cooking thermometers to small serving bowls and table decorations.

Lakeland's Large Roasting Tin with Pouring Lip is the main event for anyone cooking a Christmas dinner. The large and deep tray allows you to fit big pieces of meat and veg within one dish. The thick metal stops the dish from warping. The dish bottom is lined with textured small bumps which gives the food enough room to breath and create a beautiful juice without soaking the gorgeous meal. The pouring lip is ideal for making gravy with your excess liquids. It has sure-grip handles and is safe up to 240 degrees, perfect for the long cooking hours and constant oven rotation.

What would Christmas be without a Yorkshire pudding? Nothing.

For the perfect large Yorkshire, which will act as a Gravy boat for your meal, the Lakeland Four Hole Pudding Tray is a must. The thick dish with, again, sure-grip handles is perfect for the hot Christmas Day oven. The wide four holes create the ultimate space to create a big puffed up Yorkshire pudding.

With all the different meats, veggies and puddings rolling in and out of the oven on the big day, it's hard to keep track of how long everything has been in.

The Instant Read Digital Probe Kitchen Thermometer is the ultimate gadget to keep you sane through the day. No more worrying about if your meat is drying out if if the constant in and out of food is bringing the temperature down. With accurate readings in four seconds, you really can't be doing without it.

Decorating the table was always my job before being promoted to juinor cook. I loved the beautiful colours and the festive trinkets. Lakeland have a wonderful selection of table runners, confetti and placemats: Everything you need to make your table look festive and fun. 

Their selection of winter wonderland inspired bowls are a beautiful extra for Christmas Eve nibbles, Christmas Day picking and New Year's Eve parties. 

Lakeland have the the ultimate Christmas food collection: from presents to hampers, cooking equipment to table decorations, Baking and storage. You really can't afford to do the festive season without them. Their high quality products bring ease and happiness to the busy time. With everything you need to enjoy your Christmas dinner in one place, it can all be sorted with one very simple click of a button. 

But there is obviously more to Christmas than a few trays and a table runner, so here are some other incredible items from Lakeland that will make your Christmas better.

Lakeland have a wonderful range of mould trays and baking dishes that make cooking with children both easier and fun.

They have a huge variety of food hampers that can be gifted or shared with your loved ones at any point in the season. Full of new flavours and favourite festive treats.

A study tray may be very important to the running of a happy kitchen on Christmas but there is more to it than that. The right equipment is needed to last not only on the big day but for the rest of the year.

Christmas is all about love, happiness and reflecting on the year. Too much pressure is put on the big day and it can be really hard to switch off and enjoy it. But with the right help the day can be made easier and more enjoyable. 

Merry Christmas Everyone!

* This blog is in sponsorship with Lakeland but all my thoughts and opinions are my own. I have put these items to the test and would never endorse a brand I don't believe in. Please see my disclaimer for more information. *


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  1. How delicious does this look!
    I completely agree with having sturdy cookware especially for Christmas Day - if it all went wrong then it'd be so sad. Lakeland products are great, such high quality.
    Great post x


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