Monday, December 2, 2019

Food To Feed The Soul at Holy Moly Mac | Gifted

It's not often Harry and I go out for date night, but when we do it makes for a very special evening. It's so easy to go to the same restaurant time after time, go somewhere that you can rely on for good food. But it's even better to discover somewhere new: Get to try new flavours and experience something new together.

In the heart of Birmingham's Grand Central Station lies Holy Moly Mac, soul food heaven. We have wanted to visit for quite a while but when were with Ru it's so easy to go to somewhere that we know he is going to enjoy. So having a night to ourselves to try them out was a dream. 

I had mixed views on Holy Moly Mac before we visited because I am not the biggest fan of Mac n Cheese and thought the soul food would be too much for my toddler like pallet to deal with. 

I was really surprised by the restaurant. It was very vibrant, lively and spacious. From the outside it can appear small but inside is very large, with loads of seating areas and large booths. On the Saturday evening was a line coming out the door but as we had a table booked we didn't have to wait. The staff were instantly friendly and gave us a full run down of the menu. We felt relaxed and happy from the get go.

The restaurant had a fun street food vibe, not too loud and the walls were covered with New York style street art and slogans. 

The drinks list was very extensive and inclusive. I went for a bottomless coke, as a pregnant woman I had to avoid the beautiful cocktails, but this would be great for any children or non drinkers as it was cheap and had no limit on refills. 

Harry Dug into Happy Hour with a Peach Daquiri.

The menu was pretty hard to choose from, with huge amounts on offer. From an entire Make your own Mac n Cheese section to Chicken, Burgers and starters.

We opted for three starters, to share, and a main each. 

Chicken, Waffles and Mayple Syrup. Something I have always want to try but never been brave enough or in a place that served it. I was really apprehensive as thig just really isn't something I would, on paper, enjoy. 

I poured the Syrup on top and dug in to what can only be described as the most wonderful thing to ever grace my tastebuds. It was so sweet and crunchy, it was delicious. Beyond words. 

Harry had the Harlem Popcorn Prawns, not something I got to try as I don't like seafood, but by all accounts was beautifully cooked and flavour some. Anyone who has a taste for seafood would enjoy it very much. 

Garlic bread, because I am clearly incapable of going anywhere for food without ordering garlic bread. It was the perfect mix of garlic and cheese on crispy ciabatta bread. A great addition to the meal and would definitely order again and again.

Harry opted for the Holy Moly Raunchy Half Rack of Ribs. These were so tender, a barbeque sauce to rival any that we've ever had before and to quote Harry 'Very, Very nice, Best ribs I've ever had' and trust me he's had a lot. They were flavourful and spicery without being too overwhelming or too much. The accompanying fries were so crispy and light, without being oily. 

I went for the Funk Chicken BBQ Burger. I love going for a burger when going out because if somewhere can do a good burger, that's a great sign. The chicken was completely out of this world, amazingly seasoned with a breadcrumb that set off all my tastebuds. The hot and spicy sauce was exactly that, hot and spicey: I really enjoyed the mix of the hot sauce with the cool cheese and pickles. The fries again were just cooked to pure perfection.

To quote my mom, 'You always have room for dessert because it goes to another part of the body'. Even though we were extremely full, we decided to have some ice cream for afters. The dessert menu was really full and fun, perfect for children. However, we both decided to go for ice cream and toppings as we didn't wanna over load ourselves. 

The ice cream was great, simple vanilla: the ice cream comes 3ith our choice of sauce, chocolate and toppings. I had crushed Malteasers and Harry had Honey comb. Both were gorgeous and the perfect end to the meal.

Overall we found the dining experience extremely good. Everything from the service to the decor, the staff to the food: it was all amazing. We will definitely be coming back, for both date nights and family meals. 

The meal was gifted but all my thoughts are my own. The meal was in exchange for social content and I was under no obligation to write about it on my blog. See my disclaimer for info.


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