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Going Premium with Aldi's New Range of Mamia Nappies | AD

In my eighteen months of parenting you can only imagine how many nappies I've used. We've tried every brand, every range and every style: from pull up to night time. We have managed to home in on what is not only the best, but the most reliable for our little boy.

From pretty early on we realised that Aldi's Mamia range suited our family the best. Not only were they super absorbent, reliable and comfortable: They were affordable, which fit into our small budget. 

From their nappies to their wipes, bubble bath to their weaning foods: we have used the Mamia range at every step in Rupert's development. We will continue to use it through potty training and beyond: introducing them to our newest baby, due in March.

We have continued to use Mamia nappies as Rupert grew from little newborn to energetic toddler: swapping to their pull up nappies as changing his nappy got increasingly more difficult.

Aldi's Mamia range have now expanded, which we have been extremely lucky enough to test before they hit the stores. Changing nappy, especially at this age, can be a little risky but as we've had such success with the entire Mamia range we were happy to give it a whirl.

Some important things to note before I get stuck into the smaller details of the nappies:

The new Mamia Premium nappies will only be available in selected stores from November 25th.

The nappies will be available in selected stores across the Midlands, Yorkshire, North East and North West. 

Most importantly, it's not going to be replacing their current range. Aldi are very aware that their nappies aren't for everyone and that creating a new range just opens up more options for parents. 

So why go Premium? 

Even if you're happy with your current nappy brand, it's always good to trial new products. Having a range of nappies that you know work for your little one is always handy. 

We will be adding the Premium range into our lifestyle whilst continuing to use the standard Mamia range too. 

The nappies come in a range of different sizes from newborn to size five, and the price range varies from 99p to £3.19: Even the top price is still lower than other brands available on the market. Proving going Premium doesn't mean breaking the bank. 

The Mamia Premium fast dry range is designed to help give more comfort and protection. This is so important to any parent, because you want you little one to feel happy and not have to deal with the uncomfortable sensation of being in a wet nappy.

The nappies are super soft, even after use. We have noticed that Ru is not only extremely comfortable in his nappies during play time but during the evenings too. Although we try and change his nappy as often as needed, some times he is in it a little longer due to days out and lack of changing facilities. We haven't had complaints or irritable behaviour from him: The nappies don't become stodgy, watery or hard after long wear. 

The wetness indicator works so well with this range. A really important feature, especially when you have a newborn. Not only does a wetness indicator tell you it's time for a new nappy but gives you peace of mind that your new wonder is able to make a wet nappy. 

Rupert is an excitable child to say the least, even during nap time you will find him moving around a lot. An important feature in nappies is that they can stretch and move with our energetic child. The stretchy nappies cater and work alongside Ru as he rolls around, runs, jumps and moves around. We've often had problems with other brands in the past leaking and not fitting to our child's needs in the past, so were very happy that the Mamia range, from standard to premium, stretch and move with him. 

The extra gentle leg elastic work alongside the nappies stretch to make sure he is able to move and explore without any worries of leaks and accidents. Also if you have a 'chunky thigh child's this is a great feauture: Minimising rashes and rubs from the nappy being too constricting. 

The dryfast technology is something that isn't always a component in nappies, which is a shame because it is such a nice extra for your little one. As a parent it doesn't help me out but for my little one it can make such a huge difference to their mood and comfort. 

Usually when changing a nappy after a full 12 hours sleep at night, we find Ru's nappy heavy and sometimes damp. This can create a disturbed nights sleep, for the entire family. When using the Premium range at night we haven't had any accidents or disruption. Which makes an amazing huge difference. Knowing that they aren't dealing with damp is great. 

So will we be using Premium again? Yes. We will be introducing the Premium range into our toddlers life alongside the normal Mamia range. Both nappy ranges are great but have differences that can be big things to some parents and children. I really think that they will offer a fab alternative to the current Mamia nappies and anything that creates more options for parents is amazing. 

This is a paid partnership with Aldi but all my opinions are my own. Please see my disclaimer for more information.



  1. This is so amazing! I don't tend to shop at Aldi but am always surprised by the bargains and great variety of stuff they have! Maybe I'll have to start!
    Soph - x

  2. Aldi are the best for bargains and its great to know they do fantastic baby stuff as well for expecting parents on a budget! x

  3. Aldi have some great gems hidden away, it's a strange store to shop but I do enjoy it.

    Amy x
    The July Rose

  4. We've loved these too, such a good range and I love the wetness indicator especially! Ru gets so poorly so often and I always stress about if he's done any amount of wee in them, it can be so hard to tell!

    Gemma Louise

  5. These sound like such great nappies, so many great things about them especially that they're affordable!
    I bet the wetness indicator is a huge help. I'll be purchasing some of these for my new nephew's baby hamper for when he's born! x


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