Thursday, January 23, 2020

Afternoon Tea at the Laura Ashley Tea Rooms | Gifted Experience.

It isn't very often I get to spend some much needed time with my mom. Being a toddler mom myself and being heavily pregnant I find it hard to get out and enjoy myself. 

The Laura Ashley Tea Rooms situated in the Regency Hotel in Solihull is the home of elegance, indulgence and sophistication. I mean I wouldn't really describe myself as someone who would fit into that kind of environment but it was a delightful afternoon that has become a defining moment of my pregnancy.

First and foremost let me just remind you that I am the world's busiest eater. Around 9/10 foods I don't like...which is fantastic when you're eating out: it has always been an embarrassment to my mother, though she wont admit it.

On first arrival the hotel was on a main road but far back enough that it was peaceful, hidden under huge trees and surrounded by wildlife. The parking was largely available and easy to access.

We arrived 20 minutes early, typical of my family, but we were greeted at reception with a smile and were seated straight away. The tea room itself was average size but the high ceilings and spaced out seating filled it out beautifully. There was easily enough room for more seating but I liked how there was significant room between each table, creating privacy.

Although we were early the team were quick to come over and welcome us to the tea rooms. The menu was small but very detailed. We opted for the traditional afternoon tea which came with a range of sandwiches, cakes, scones and a bottomless tea of your choice. 

There was an option to make any dietary changes, which made me feel at ease but I stuck to the menu and pushed myself to try what they had an offer without crawling back into my comfort zone.

We only had to wait about five minutes for our tea to arrive and a further five for the amuse bouch, this was fine as the room was very relaxed and perfect for a good catch up. All the food and drink options were explained to us in great detail.

The tea arrived in the most gorgeous clear pots which fresh tea leaves, a concept I was very intrigued by was the timers. The timers which were placed on our table, tell you the optimum brewing time for your tea: making sure you pour and drink when your tea is perfect. 

The pots of tea were large and generous two, although they were bottomless so you could ask for a new fresh pot at any time. 

The amouse bouch was a new concept to me but was really delicious. Soft cheese in a small pastry cup with pomegranate, designed to get your taste buds ready for the food ahead. It was really nice, not flavours I would think to put together and I guess it got me feeling a little food adventurous before the main event.

Let's start with the sandwiches. These I was a little anxious for as I am a standard cheese no butter kind of girl, cake I can pretty much eat any variety of, but sandwiches scare me. Luckily my mom isn't fussy at all so i knew nothing would go to waste.

The ham and cheese sandwiches were beautiful and actually surprised me, trying piccadilly and a chutney for the first time (at the age of 23). They were really beautiful and the sandwiches tasted so fresh.

The egg mayo i knew i wouldn't touch but my mom said they were really nice and again fresh. The best by far for me was the Welsh Rarebit...which to my utter surprise wasn't rabbit. The cheese filled pastry was simple yet delicious, a perfect addition to the selection of breads.

All of the savoury sandwiches were lovely to eat, fancy without being too much. If you are a picky eater like me I suggest you try these and they are subtle new flavours added to classic sandwiches but again they would be easily amended to suit those who like standard flavours. I did think that this would be a lovely special lunch for my niece poppy, some small amendments (typical five year old) and she would love it.

Now onto the cakes. I mean you can't really go wrong with a selection of cakes and it really didn't disappoint. A mixture of cakes, macaroons, pastry and pots of joy. There was something there for everyone or everything for someone like myself. We were unable to complete all of the cakes but did take the rest home for the family to enjoy.

The chocolate cake was of course devoured.

At the ripe old age of 23, I tried my first ever scone. Not sure if the cream was to go first or the jam but i ventured into my first bite. I have always avoided them because i don't like fresh cream and always thought they looked a little drying. 

However, they were actually quiet nice. In future I'll still opt for the cake first but they were lovely and would try them again. The cream was clotted so it didn't taste like fresh cream which I hate and the strawberry jam was a lovely sweet accompaniment. They weren't too drying either.

The overall experience was really lovely. The food and drinks were delightful and for an amazingly reasonable price. The tea rooms were beautiful, bright and comfortable. I would love to go back and think it would be a perfect gift for Mothers' day, Baby Showers, Birthdays or Valentine's.

* The visit was complimentary in exchange for a review but my opinions are all my own. Please see my disclaimer for more info.



  1. oh it looks like you had such a lovely time! x

  2. This looks like such a lovely afternoon! I have never been for an Afternoon tea before, I keep on saying that I must arrange one for me and my mum.

    Amy x
    The July Rose

  3. This is like my dream Saturday afternoon!! WOWOW I've spent ages looking at your snaps!! Love love love!

  4. Oh it's so gorgeous! I love afternoon tea so I'll have to add this to my list of things to do!

    Gemma Louise


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