Thursday, January 23, 2020

Healthier Food For The Family with Mindful Chef | AD

Getting a toddler to eat healthily is one thing, getting them to sit down and have the same dinner at the same time as the rest of the family is another. I've really struggled with getting the good stuff into Rupert's diet but also my own. As a self confessed picky eater, you don't often find me eating anything that didn't come from a packet. Being pregnant and raising a little boy means that I have become more mindful of what I am consuming and what I am being a role model of.

Thinking of new recipes, new ways to get veg into your family, whilst sticking to a budget can be really difficult. I often get too overwhelmed by the lengthy recipes that come with new meals and the slight mention of a herb and I am lost. Don't get me wrong I love cooking but finding the time and the money to venture out, whilst minding a toddler is tricky.

In my household is Rupert, almost two, likes to live off a diet of Raisins, Toast, Chocolate and Sausages. Myself, 23, who has a very limited diet and will flee at the sight of an onion. My Dad, not sure I'm allowed to mention their ages in case they read this, is very adventurous with his food but loves a bowl of cornflakes for tea and my mom, again they provide a roof over my head so no ages to mention here, there isn't a food she won't try or eat. 

I am very keen to get more goodness into my own diet and especially that of my children and I know the best way to start is with hidden veg. 

Mindful Chef is a fresh food delivery service that provides fun, exciting and nutritionally designed meals to your door step. With each meal is enough ingredients for your chosen family members, exact amounts of food for your dishes so nothing is wasted. 

One thing that really popped out to me when the package was delivered was the little to no packaging. It came in a recyclable cardboard box, with paper bags and the ingredients weren't packaged in plastic at all, the meat even came in cooled recycled denim insulation. 

Everything was so fresh and colourful, the highest quality meat and ingredients.

Preparing and cooking the food really couldn't have been easier. It took me around 20 minutes from start to finish, which was really great. My toddler wouldn't have been able to entertain himself for any longer and the easy step by step instructions allowed me to get everything done quickly without complications. 

There was a lot of new foods and flavours within the recipes which pushed me a little out of my comfort zone but I really enjoyed working with them and seeing the final result. 

The Tempeh Singapore Noodles were really simple to make and I only used a small pot, a pan and a chopping board throughout the entire process meaning minimal washing up.

This really isn't the kind of food I would ever gravitate to or even think about so it was lovely working with new cooking techniques, foods and flavours. 

The dish itself was really flavoursome, fresh and I actually really enjoyed it. My parents loved it too, Tempeh isn't something we'd even heard of prior to this so it was a nice change to our usual meals. Rupert didn't have this meal just because of the use of spices such as curry powder, his young tummy isn't suppose to have those. But the second meal in our subscription was breaded chicken and sweet potato which was more than a hit.

One thing I want to point out about Mindful Chef is that not all the meals are this outgoing, they provide meals that are more 'normal' I guess: like the chicken and sweet potato fries. There is a range of different meals to appeal to everyone in the family, but with a healthier approach to ingredients and cooking.

The flexible subscription means you can pause, stop and start your deliveries as and when you like. So you don't have to commit to trying new things all the time.

*This food box was given to us free of charge In exchange for a review but all my opinions are my own. Please see my disclaimer for more information.


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