Monday, January 13, 2020

Loving My Pregnancy Body with Mama Mio Skincare | Gifted

Skincare is really important, especially during pregnancy. But as with most things, I find skincare takes a backseat in my long list of things that have to be done in my day to day life. I always forget my skincare routine.

More than ever, during pregnancy, your skincare is really important. Your body is growing and changing in more ways than one so it is really key that you find a routine you like and stick with it. I've forced myself into a routine in which I use my pregnancy skincare, I failed to do this in my first pregnancy and always hated myself for it post partum. 

Don't get me wrong I love my body and am in complete ore of what it can do: but there is so much to gain from looking after your body.

I didn't know a lot about skincare at all in my first pregnancy let alone maternity skincare, but was shocked to find out how many people use it after having Ru.

Mama Mio is a fantastic brand that caters to the upmost needs for women's skin. I have been lucky enough to try out their pregnancy products over the past four months (since I was four months pregnant). There is such a wide range of products from the needs of your bump to your boobs, products to sooth you from sleep time to shower time. 

One of the huge changes I've seen in my body during my second pregnancy compared to my first is the change in my boobs. They have always been large but after a difficult battle with breastfeeding, my boobs are (hopefully) preparing themselves to do an important job. 

With my first baby my milk came in very late, we had problems with latching and I struggled with cut, blistered and bleeding nipples. This time around my boobs have been growing lots and preparing themselves for the same ordeal and hopefully to be filled up with milk on time.

With stretch marks and occasional pain my boobs have needed some TLC. The Mama Mio Pregnancy Boob Tube is a really soothing cream that helps reduce the soreness and hydrates the dry stretch marks. Really easy to use and has become a quick part of my morning, post shower, routine.

When you have an energetic toddler in the day, who likes to climb into bed with you at night, A huge baby kicking you from the inside out continuously through the night: It can be really difficult to get a decent nights sleep.

Mama Mio's Pillow Spray has not become something I use everyday, out of fear its magic will run out, but a product I like to use when I am feeling extra tired or the dreaded pregnancy insomnia kicks in. A simple spritz on my pillow and I'm sent into a natural, happy sleep: leaving me feeling very refreshed and well rested the next day.

A very important part of pregnancy skin care is looking after your bump. It changes so dramatically so quickly. I have really loved using The Tummy Rub Butter from Mama Mio as a little goes a long way (which is important when you have a large bump!)

The soft cream is really hydrating and absorbs quickly into the skin without leaving it feeling tacky or wet. This is the perfect cream for anyone suffering with stretch marks, itchiness and I can't wait to continue using it throughout my pregnancy and during my recovery. 

The bath and shower oil is a great way for me to incorporate self care into every day life. I shower or bathe every single day so this is a great product for those who, like me, often forget their routine or don't have time for one. It is really soothing and unlike most oils doesn't leave you feeling greasy. 

I've really loved using these products the last few months and can't wait to continue using them and seeing the results during the last eight weeks. 

* These products were gifted in exchange for a review but all my opinions are my own.msee my disclaimer for more information. 


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