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A Day at Moor Hall Hotel and Luxury Spa | AD

At the ripe old age of 23, A Mom to one toddler and expecting my second: I have never been for a spa treatment, let alone a spa day. I have always been recommended them but never got myself round to booking one. So visiting Moor Hall Hotel and Spa was a lovely treat for me. 

Being pregnant can rule out a lot of fun things such as Steak and Cheese, Roller Coasters and Trampoline parks and pretty much any form of relaxation treatments. 

Being so heavy and at the very late stage of my pregnancy has put a great deal of pressure on my body, taken huge effects on my skin and I have the worlds biggest eye bags. A spa day would be the perfect recharge for me but honestly I just ruled out anything being able to be done because most treatments aren't allowed when you're carrying. 

Breakfast & Arrival

We arrived at Moor Hall Hotel and Spa at 9:30am, We were greeted by the friendly staff who quickly got us checked in and aquatinted with our surroundings. First of all we were taken upstairs, into the hotel area, to a small dining room area for our hot drinks and toast. The table suitable for two people and fully stocked with sugar cubes, jams, butter and cutlery.

The room was nicely decorated, very cosy and the decoration matched the rest of the hotel.

We were seen very quickly and our order was taken: with a choice of hot drinks alongside white or brown toast. At this point we were also given our Spa schedule cards, these allowed us to know where we needed to be for what treatments at what time. I really liked this because I was able to relax for the day and then just go to where I needed to be at the right time, without running around panicking trying to find the correct person.

The toast and hot drinks arrived, the tea was lovely and hot, the bread was fresh and delicious. It was a really nice light start to the day, right before my first treatment started. 

Changing Rooms 

After our breakfast we were escorted to the changing rooms, given gowns to wear and towels to use. The lockers themselves were large and able to fit both of our belongings inside, with room to spare. The women's changing room was a good size, lots of room to get changed, a large mirror with hair dryers available for use. Leading from the changing room was toilets, showers and a walkway to the pool. 

Everything was clean, ready for our use and given to us easily if we needed them. 

We were then given a full tour of the Spa, so we knew where we were, where we would need to go and where all the facilities would be for us if needed.

The Pregnancy Ritual

10:30am was my first treatment. I was booked in for a the 'Pregnancy Ritual', which really didn't give me much information but I was really excited for it. I was collected from one of the sitting rooms and taken to the room where I would be having the 'Ritual' and went into a lot of detail about what would be happening. 

I was very quickly put at ease: given a run through of what would be happening, what products would be used and how long everything would take. The therapist took the time to ask my about my problem areas, things that had bothered me during my pregnancy, what I did and didn't like and what my current skincare routine was like. She took all of this into so much consideration during the experience and really personalised my experience so I got the best out of it.

The room itself was really relaxing and I felt at ease being in there: Soft music playing, a truly relaxing atmosphere. Something I am not used to being a Toddler mom.

My therapist then told me how she wanted me to lie on the table, what I needed to wear and what she would be doing at the start of the procedure and how it would be good for my body. She then left the room whilst I stripped down and got onto the bed. When she entered the room again she took the time to ask me if I wanted any extra modesty towels to make me feel comfortable: this made me so relaxed as one thing I was scared about was having too much flesh out. 

The first part of the 'Ritual' was a full body exfoliation. This was so relaxing and felt so good on my skin. She focused on my legs as I had told her they were a problem area: again I felt so relaxed. I was then given the time to shower, my therapist left the room and allowed me to shower off the products and I was so amazed at the difference in my skin after one treatment. I was a little disgusted that at the bottom of the shower the white exfoliation scrub almost looked liked sand from the dirt being taken off my skin. My skin already felt so soft and clean. 

I then started the second part of the procedure by getting into a new clean bed. Again my therapist joined the room and asked again about my modesty, went through what would happen next and what products she would be using. It was really nice to have everything repeated to me during the treatment. 

She then started to massage my body and bump in a really soft, gentle but effective way. It was a mixture of products added to my skin that felt so refreshing, so light and put my whole body into a state of relaxation. My body was then wrapped up and covered in blankets allowing the products to really work their way into my skin. 

She then started on my facial. She softly removed my makeup and again used a mixture of products, hot and cold flannels and pressures to give my face a really good clean: it probably needed it. The facial itself was so lovely and relaxing. 

During the long procedure I felt a little faint and even had to stop the treatment twice of the way through to sit up and have some cold water. This was nothing to do with the procedure but just an annoying part of my pregnancy: sitting in one position for a long time can make me feel faint, this doesn't happen to everyone in pregnancy. My therapist was so lovely and attentive about this happening, got me fresh cold water, put the air con on and was asking me throughout the treatment if I was okay. I felt so bad for interrupting but she was so nice about the situation. I felt really looked after. 

At the end of the session I was asked again if I needed water or any assistance. The products used were explained to me, what she discovered about my skin and things I could do in future to look after my skin at home. She then left the room and gave me space to get dressed again in my own time, she then escorted me to the relaxation room whilst I waited for my lunch. 

The Relaxation Room

The relaxation room was my favourite space in the whole spa. It was a large open space with plenty of places to sit and well...relax. It was warm with soft music playing lightly in the background, candles and even a water feature. Everything you need to continue your tranquil state between treatments. 


Our lunch order was taken from us on arrival to the spa, so come lunch time we were served within minutes, giving us over an hour to eat, enjoy our food and have a drink. This took place in the same dining area that we had our breakfast, it was nice to be in a familiar room. 

The Lunch Menu was large and extensive, there was a range of salads, sandwiches and burgers to choose from. So if you weren't looking to be too healthy on your day you could opt for a burger like myself. It was a lovely lunch and the service was great.

The Waiting Room

If you just have a few minutes between procedures or like me only have 15 mins after lunch before your next treatment, then the waiting room is a great space to take time to relax and have a drink before moving on again. The room had plenty of comfy seats, reading material and wasn't crowded.

We were able to sit in the room, relax and have a nice hot cup of tea. The hot drinks machine and water tank were free to use and full equipped with different coffee, herbal drinks and English tea. This is also where the therapists come to collect you before a treatment, so you can just sit and wait to be taken along to where you need to be. 

The Pedicure

My second treatment was a pedicure, something again I've never had before. The therapist, as she did before, gave me a run down of what she would be doing, what products would be used and how long it would take. She even gave me a stack of magazines to read whilst everything was taking place. 

My feet were moisturised, scrubbed, filed and the varnish was taken off alongside a nice massage. I felt so relaxed during the procedure and will be doing more of this in future. I was able to pick a nail varnish colour and even had my nails painted. After the treatment my feet looked so clean and felt so soft. Walking around with a huge bump and looking after a toddler has really taken a toll on my feet, not to mention the fact I can't even reach my toes anymore. It was a really lovely treatment to receive whilst being so pregnant. 

As before, after the treatment I was given the full information on what was done, what was used and how I should look after my feet in the future. 

The Pool and Jacuzzi

After my final treatment I went along to the pool area. Before my arrival and during my induction I was given a lot of information about what facilities I was and wasn't allowed to use. Because I am pregnant the jacuzzi and sauna were cut off to me for heath reasons.

The pool area was smaller than what I thought it would be but was still a reasonable size with lots of space for swimming and plenty of seats for lounging around. The room was warm and very relaxing, it was the fullest room by far in the whole of the Spa but it was still really spacious. 


I really enjoyed my first ever Spa day at Moor Hall Hotel and Spa. The facilities were very spacious, nowhere was too overcrowded and full, we were given the allusion that we were the only people there. The staff were very attentive, kind and went out of their way to make sure we felt comfortable and happy during our stay. It was a luxurious experience that I would like to experience again and something I would like to take part in when I am no longer pregnant. 

The facilities were clean, well looked after and the staff were again so incredible. 

It was so nice to feel so taken care of during the end of my pregnancy and has given me a well needed time to relax before the big day in less than a month. The latest you can have pregnancy spa treatments is 36 weeks and I was 35 weeks and 6 days, so I was experiencing the treatments at the very end of their expiration. I would highly recommend visiting Moor Hall Spa at any stage in the pregnancy as I think it would be a great help, especially if you're having trouble with aching joint and bad skin. 

It isn't something I would pay to do over and over again but I would 100% do it again for an occasion and during any future pregnancies. Moor Hall Hotel and Spa also run loads of offers such as Valentines & Christmas deals that can be purchased for occasions, so if you're looking for the relaxation without the cost this is something to look out for. It would make a wonderful Mother's Day, Anniversary or Birthday Gift.


  1. This looks and sounds amazing! Definitely going to have to check it out x

  2. GIRL I am sooo jealous I could kill for a stay here right now!

  3. Aw sounds like you had a fab and relaxing time, just what you need at this stage of pregnancy!

    Gemma Louise

  4. this sounds utterly perfect and just what you needed! x

  5. This sounds like a lovely little treat, I hope you had an amazing time and left feeling content and relaxed.

    Amy x
    The July Rose

  6. It sounds amazing! I'll definitely look into them! x

    Joyce |


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