Monday, February 10, 2020

Miller and Carter Rare Treat Menu | AD

Miller and Carter isn't somewhere I visit very often. Mainly because it is seen as somewhere very upper class, very expensive and where I have only ever gone on a very special occasion. So visiting on a casual Thursday evening was a little out of the ordinary of me.

Mom and I were kindly invited along to our local Miller and Carter last week to try out their new Scrumptious Rare Treat Menu. I was given a budget of £50 for the both of us to dine with, obviously I didn't think that this would even cover us for one main each alongside a drink but I was really surprised. 

The Rare Treat Menu is compiled of Miller and Carters finest starters, mains and desserts. Basically it is a fixed menu which allows you Two courses for around £16 each (Prices vary on location). 

If you wanted to add an extra course there is only a small extra fee for that course, instead of paying the full retail amount. Perfect for those looking to indulge themselves without taking it out on their bank.

Normally fixed menus don't have much to offer and although the menu was small, it had the best Miller and Carter has to offer. Everything I would usually order from the menu was on the Rare Treat one, so it made little to no difference to my dining experience at all, it just took a weight off the end bill.

I also recommend this menu to those who haven't been to Miller and Carter before as it has the classic/best to offer dishes from the main menu. It is small so isn't overwhelming and complicated.

For the Starter I had the Cheddar Baked Mushrooms. Bottom mushrooms in a creamy Cheddar cheese and spinach sauce, served with toasted breads.

The dish itself was really lovely and the portion size was large.

My Mom had the Salt and Pepper Calamari served with Black Garlic Aioli. I'm not one for sea food what's so ever but Mom really enjoyed her starter and again the portion size was generous. 

Also on offer in regards to starters was the House Nachos. Topped with aged Cheddar cheese sauce, tomato salsa, sour cream, smashed avocado and JalapeƱos. This would be great for a child.

Now onto the main course. Obviously I opted for the steak and so did my mom. Miller and Carter is known for its steak so it would be rude not to try them out on our visit. However, for those not wanting steak there was a large selection of other mains that could be picked as part of the set menu. From burgers to fish, chicken to vegetarian. This is great because it doesn't confine the menu to one set of palette, it also opens up the door for children and families who are visiting. Your little ones can have a two course meal whilst you indulge yourself and you don't feel the weight of the cost.

The steak itself was really beautiful, perfectly cooked. Served with plenty of fries, steak sauce, salad, onion loaf and a salad wedge with sauce. The main itself would have been worth the overall cost of the menu. 

Because we had a starter and a main, dessert wasn't going to be a part of the deal. However, Mom really wanted one so we decided to share a mini dessert with a Latte. The brownie was a part of their 'Mini Dessert' collection but was a decent size which we both shared, partnered with a soft biscuit and fruit. 

When the bill came at the end of the meal we were both so very surprised at the price. For two of us having a starter each, main each, a shared dessert and two drinks the bill came to £49: Just under our £50 budget. Something I never would have expected at Miller and Carter. 

Overall the meal was very nice, the staff were lovely and the price was brilliant. It has really made me think about visiting the restaurant again and not to just keep it for a special occasion.

* This meal was gifted in exchange for a review. My opinions are however my own, please see my disclaimer page for more information.


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