Sunday, February 23, 2020

Our Favourite Toddler Books To Read

Rupert is nearly two and has always really enjoyed reading. From a really small age we have incorporated books into his day to day life: For sensory, learning and to build his imagination. But now that Ru is getting older he is able to build on his knowledge and language through reading.

Books can be so important to your Child's development, they can help them understand situations that are going on around them, teach them new words and colours, allow them to go on adventures and have fun all at the same time. Here are our favourite books to read with Ru.

All At Sea Is a great book to read when you're bringing a new sibling into the family. Rupert is becoming a big brother very soon and we have used books the entire pregnancy to get him used to the idea of a new arrival. This book has a wonderful message of love and inclusion from both big brother and baby, but also touches on the idea that it won't be easy for him and how he may feel towards the baby. 

I love this book because it allows me to feel a little more at ease with the situation I am about to go through with Ru, but makes him feel included in the everything. It is beautifully illustrated and a great night time read.

Mix and Match is a series of books that allows your child to build on their pairing skills, encourages their imagination to run wild and work on their knowledge of animals.

The book is filled with illustrations that are split in half, top and bottom, so your child can swap around the bodies of the animals. They can make complete animals or make a whole new creature entirely. It isn't a book for reading to your little one but we love flicking through it and every read is a whole new experience. 

The 'That's Not' series is a pinnacle part of any Childs reading experience. There is a huge range of books that cover every animal, object and mythical creature: building on their sensory development. Each page goes through a discovery to find the animal, but each page has a new sensory feel element for your child to touch and play with.

The story is very simple and each book has the same story line but with a sensory word and material change. Perfect for small children all the way up into toddler ages. Ru loved the feel of these books as a little baby and now he loves reading ones about his favourite animals.

AH-CHOO was originally brought into our life through the wonderful world of Cbeebies Bedtime Stories (a great show to incorporate reading into your little ones day). Rupert loved listening to this story as he was able to mimic the sneezing action and read along with the storyline. 

The story goes on a journey to find the perfect pet, but the little girl in the story has an allergy to most of the animals which makes her sneeze. It is a fun loving story full of rhyming, wild and fun animals and a brilliant Sneezing action that your children can get involved in. 

I cannot tell you how many times I have read this book and watched the animation story on BBC iPlayer with Rupert. The Snail and The Whale is by far his favourite story ever. The beautiful story goes on the adventure of a Snail and a Whale and holds the message that no matter how different, big or small, you can make a huge difference and explore. The Snail and Whale travel around the world together, seeing new places and animals whilst having a lovely friendship. 

The rhyming story makes it fun to read and enjoyable. It also allows Rupert to point out his favourite animals and really get involved in the story and illustrations.

A Hey Duggee book was obviously going to make its way in, right? Hey Duggee is Ru's favourite programme and something that is incorporated into every day life. Basically anything with the famous dog on gets Ru doing something. The Tooth Brushing Badge is an episode of the wonderful show that sings a song lasting two minutes, teaching your little one to brush. As well as reading, teeth brushing is something we really try to get Ru to enjoy. 

The episode has now been made into a book that we read to Ru. He loves incorporating the show and song that he loves with the book. It really combines everything he loves about reading with brush time. He now loves brushing his teeth more than ever.

Another Julia Donaldson book has made it into our favourites. The Gruffalo is a book that we have all really loved over the years and the past few months Ru has jumped on board with it. He loves reading the book, pointing out the animals and going on the journey with the mouse. The typical rhyming storyline allows Ru to stage engaged in the story and he really gets into the book. This is also played out on BBC iPlayer as an animation which is great fun to watch.

This is something Ru can now enjoy through the storyline and illustrations but he will be able to learn to read it to himself as the years go on.

Finally, yet another Julia Donaldson book. Room on the Broom is a fantastic story that Ru has recently started to like. It goes on yet another wonderful adventure, filled with animals and mythical creatures. Rupert loves seeing the animals, hearing the story and making the sounds of all the creatures involved. 

A great story to read with your child, something the whole family can enjoy.

What is your favourite book to read with your little one?



  1. The Gruffalo is such a classic children's book! x

  2. I've heard such good things about the "that's not my..." books! x

  3. These are brilliant! I always try to buy my nieces and nephews books and fun gifts rather than crap!

  4. These are such cute books! I need to add them onto my list for my niece and nephew x

    Joyce |

  5. These are some gorgeous books, I'm looking to update Reubens book collection atm!

    Gemma Louise


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