Monday, March 9, 2020

Bloggers and Influencers You Should Be Following

Being in this industry can be really difficult, creating content and writing can take a lot of social hours away from you and the online world may appear full and thriving: It can be a really lonely place. In all this noise I have found some really amazing people: not only do they create the most beautiful and honest content but they are nice genuine people.

With any work place you want to be surrounded by those who inspire you to do better, those who support the work you produce and celebrate the little wins. Social media can be scary but it can bring so many people from all walks of life together: find your complete opposite or find that person who scarily is going down the same life path as you. 

If you're looking for a harder working person than Alice, you will be searching for a very long time. This wonderful human is everything I love about the creative industry. From running her own blog to her instagram, founding the Soton Bloggers Network and all whilst being a fabulous parent. 

What I love most about Alice is she really doesn't feel the need to ever put herself into any box. When I first started taking content creating seriously I found it so hard to stick to Family content: Seeing accounts like hers made me realise that I could post what I wanted and putting myself in a single creative box wasn't needed. She talks about everything from Beauty, Food, Family and Fashion: Just to name a few.

Laura Lou Makeup

For the happiest, wholesome, funny content you ever did see: Laura is the account you should be following. Laura is one of the few people on Instagram who will really say it how it is. She creates beautiful, enjoyable content that doesn't seem forced or staged: a real insight into her life and her work. If you're a makeup lover than Laura's account goes into a lot of depth into the beauty world, with a dash of fun.

I have been a fan of her work for many years now and it is always a joy to watch.

Amy Farquhar

To the nicest woman on Instagram. Amy is one of those really rare kind souls that cheers you up without needing to do anything. Her content is so loving, happy and full of life. Follow her through motherhood, interiors, general day to day life and the struggles of being an adult. Amy really helped me through the early stages of parenthood and is always one to make sure you're okay.

Her stories are always one to watch, her home is always something to drool over and her personality is one to rival any. A all round good egg and nice person. Her content is so enjoyable as she is one who does it for the love and not the AD's (not that there is anything wrong with that), but her loving photos are done with such joy.

She also has a baby boy called Rupert, Great name choice.

Little Paper Swan

Cathryn Wood is the most creative woman on Instagram. From her exciting edits to her beautiful presets: She time and time again continues to amaze me. Sharing her life and imagination on Instagram has been a joy to watch. She is so hard working: Looking after two young girls and running her own business.

Not only is her content a must see, but Cathryn is one of the nicest people on the gram. Always at hand for help, advice and ideas.

Hannah Gale

Hannah has been my biggest inspiration from day one. I have always oogled over the fashion queens on Instagram, wanting to create the stuff they do but not feeling like I have the right body for it. Hannah was the first person to represent me on social media: she constantly gives me ideas for content, allows me to have fun with fashion again and is always creating the most amazing content time and time again.

From her posts about her body to her family, her home to her food: Hannah has consistently great content on her social media and her blog. She is both honest and genuine. A must follow for anyone looking for the happiest of content to indulge in.

Little Snippets

If you're looking for a real glimpse into the life of a young family then Hanna is the one to be following. She shares everything from the highs and lows of balancing two young children, to her day to day life. I find myself procrastinating joyfully watching her stories every single day. Not only this but she is one of the most supportive women online. She will big you up, support your work and all done with honest and integrity.

We love an honest mom.

Morgan Alice Beauty

If you're looking to lust into the most beautiful home, family and feed then take a run and jump into the life of Morgan. I often find myself in a deep hole, scrolling through her beautiful photos and blog.  Everything from her lovely children to her gorgeous home: there is something for everyone to love.

Her stories keep me continuously entertained: I find myself getting jealous of the small things like how amazing her porridge looks every morning. Her stories range from home life, travel, days out and her incredible online shopping finds. Probably isn't helping my bank much.

Her work all things bright, full of pastels and ascetically pleasing. What is not to love?

Gemma Ellis

If you're looking for beautiful, honest and no b*llshit content then say hello to Gemma. A very hard working and talented blogger from York: Who shares her life as a single mother to toddler Reuben, her gorgeous home and everyday life.

Not only is she a great blogger, photographer and mother: but she is always one to turn to when you have a question. She has continued to help me navigate my way through taking my blog from hobby to full time income. She is great at helping others and takes her work and blog very seriously. She provides a life for herself and her family.


Finally, for content that will make you happy: Caitylis is a wonderful lifestyle blogger who produces beautiful happy family content. Her stories and feed follow her life as a pregnant mother. She is both lovely and kind, a generally warm soul to be around.

Again, she is one of the amazing bloggers to talks about everything and anything: encouraging me to do bigger and better things every day with my own work.

So who is your biggest inspiration? Let me know In the comments.


  1. Leah, thank you so much for featuring me this, and thank you for the kind kind words about me. So lovely. Caitylis x x

  2. Thank you so much for featuring me in your post xx

  3. some faaaabbb bloggers on this list!! x

  4. Thanks so much for including me amongst on these amazing people! xx

  5. Ahh I like old school posts like this, sharing other bloggers. I follow a few of those you have mentioned already.
    Amy x
    The July Rose

  6. OK, I've followed all of them! My feeds are in desperate need of some vibrant new bloggers with great content. I already follow Hannah Gale and I adore her!


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